December & Christmas Decorations!


Happy December! 

December is without a doubt my favourite month of the year. I find Christmas so magical so I start it as early as I can, with some early shopping in mid November and of course lots of planning for Christmas blog posts. 

I have so many Christmas posts coming up in the form of gift ideas, gift guides, Christmas-y interviews and 12 giveaways that I am so excited about! But it is a little all over the place at the moment! Though fingers crossed I will have my first Christmas giveaway up today (I am thinking the twelve giveaways will run for two days each so will last right up until Christmas eve!). 

Blogging aside... a few days ago I put up my new Christmas tree and a few decorations, though I still have quite a bit of decorating to do. But I thought I would show you my Christmas Tree as it was such a bargain and a few other little things! 

Christmas decorations Tesco John Lewis

I wish I could ask you all to guess how much my tree cost... I have a thing I love to do were I make people guess things, but sadly over a blog post it doesn't work! 

I decided on a new tree this year and was looking at some pricey snowy trees. But then I decided to not be silly and spend £100+ on a fake tree, but buy a simple 6ft tree and spray it myself with fake snow - sadly you can't see how snowy it is in the images. I went for a Tesco 6ft Highland Fir tree in the end which was an amazing £15! I did buy it in-store and picked it because it looked the fullest out of the six out on display. You can find it on Tesco Direct - here. I also picked up a some snow in a can for under £2.00 (it does take overnight to dry on the branches) and lots of silver assorted baubles and some mini ones which were £2.46 for 30. I also went for 300 outdoor Christmas lights (around £16) as my boyfriend convinced me that outdoor ones are better quality and also have multi function so they can twinkle.

In total my lovely Christmas tree came to roughly £55 which I don't think is too bad at all! 

Christmas decorations 2013

I also created a little display on my console table in my living room with the left over fake snow and mini baubles. I grabbed some twigs out of the garden and gave them a quick spray with the fake snow and voila! The cute little clip-on birds were bought a few months ago from a large shopping place called Boundary Mill but I have spotted similar in John Lewis, Tesco and Asda. 

My amazing light-up Wooden Church decoration was from John Lewis and was a very affordable £15 which you can find in-store on online - here. The gold stag ornament was from Asda's last years Christmas range, but I am sure there are similar ornaments in different supermarkets. 

I still have a few things I want to buy for my living/dining room. Cushions are at the top of my list for my sofa... nice Christmas cushions are actually quite hard to find without costing too much. I did have my heart set on two stag cushions from Matalan but they have sadly totally sold out so I am now wanting two Stag & Squirral Tapestry cushions from Next £12 each - here. But annoyingly the squirral one is out of stock so I am waiting to see if it will come back in stock. I'd also like a lovely Fair Isle print throw from Primark to drape over the sofa to add a bit of colour. 

I hope this wasn't too boring! I just love decorating my house at Christmas, making it all cozy and magical!

Fee xo.

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