The Importance of a Beautiful Smile


What makes a nice smile? 
For me it is white teeth and nice lipstick. But actually whenever anyone smiles at me it is a nice smile as people don't smile enough in my opinion!

The reason for this I believe is that we have been programmed by the media to believe that a perfect smile is one with straight teeth and very white in colour. But the reality is that we all have different shaped teeth that add to our character, we all smile differently to one another and teeth just aren't meant to be the same shade as printer paper. 

However to have the nicest possible smile it is important to look after your teeth as they are sensitive and do need looking after to maintain their appearance and strength. The easiest way to do that is with a good quality rechargeable toothbrush as manual brushing just isn't thorough enough.

red lips 

 I switched to using an electric toothbrush many years ago now after my dentist actually suggested I do so after receiving 3 fillings (ouch!). Now I ask for a new electric toothbrush every few years at Christmas as they are always improving and to be truthful I don't like buying replacement heads but prefer a new toothbrush! 

The technology behind toothbrushes is constantly evolving with built-in timers to let you know how long to brush for (pretty handy as I think we all brush for less time than we should) and the new Colgate Proclinical range is the UK's first electric toothbrush to automatically adjust with different teeth and brushing of the gums to give a superior clean.

But once you have nice white, healthy teeth you want to enhance that with a blue-toned red lipstick to make the teeth look whiter. Shades such as MAC Ruby Woo and Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red. However if you aren't brave enough to wear a bold red lip then Benefit actually have a blue toned lip gloss in California Kissin' - £14.00 which is aimed at brightening your smile! 

Keeping your teeth healthy and white is all about constant maintenance and a good lipstick!

Do you use an electric toothbrush?

Fee xo.

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