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A slightly different style of blog post today as yesterday I left it way too late to take blog pictures so I decided to do a little post on all the things I have been enjoying on the internet lately. 

So here are blog posts to read, You Tube videos to watch, new blogs to read and then some information about some great magazine offers at the moment. 

Lovely blog posts to read...

 I'm a huge fan of Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino but as it's becoming winter getting an ice cold drink does seem a little odd. So I'm trying to convert myself to hot drinks as I haven't had a full cup or tea or coffee in probably 5 years now! However Rose's Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate pretty much seems the hot version of my Caramel Frap! I adore all of Rose's posts but this has been bookmarked to try out at the weekend in my new Starbucks Thermal Cup.

I don't overly love Dita Von Teese but I think she is quite an interesting person and this article wrote by her just confirms it. The article isn't your typical 'I wear only the makeup I am sponsored by' but actually an insight it to little snippets of her beauty routine. Really interesting to know that she has a love of collecting vintage lipstick cases so she freezes her favourite lipsticks and transfers them to her vintage cases. Also surprising to know that she dyes her own her every two weeks with a mixture of a blue and black dye and it only takes her 15-20 minutes to do her own full photo shoot makeup. A really interesting and in-depth read.

Dita Von Tease

 Youtube videos to watch...

 I love Essie Button but I love Essie's Youtube channel more, especially her non-beauty videos. Essie is just so funny and quirky and I love that! She could be talking about anything but she just makes it so funny and her videos just always leave me feeling cheery. If you haven't watched Essie's Non-Beauty Favourites then do - right now!

This is an audition on The X Factor USA of 13 year old Carly Rose Sonenclar and I just had to include it as she is just amazing, actually amazing doesn't even come close to how good this girl is. Some serious talent!

Great blogs to discover...

I came across this blog when looking for reviews and images of a MAC giftset and this blog certainly contains a lot of MAC reviews, along side other reviews and amazing quality images. New favourite for sure!

Another amazing U.S beauty blog with lovely photography and interesting posts. 

This blog is a lovely mix of photography, fashion and illustrations, a great one to look at when you have nothing to do.. or in my case things you are putting off. The sister of the blogger, Bec Winnel is the most amazing artist, so a lot of her work is feature on the blog.

Free stuff...
 (Not link but everyone likes free things don't they!)

Free £10 Oasis voucher when you buy Look Magazine - The magazine is £1.80 or £1.00 in Tesco and entitles you to spend £10.00 in-store with a card voucher found inside the magazine. Cannot be spent on sale or jewellery items, or at concessions. No minimum spend.

Free £20 Dwell voucher inside Ideal Home magazine - Ideal Home is £3.40 and also comes with a free 2013 wall calendar. Just fill in the page and hand in when paying for the item(s). Again no minimum spend but you can only spend it in-store. Really good offer if you have a Dwell store near you as they have some lovely home accessories.

Hopefully you have found some good things in this post! 

Fee xo.

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