NOTD - China Glaze Fast Track & Electrify

China Glaze Hunger Games

I decided to use two China Glaze nail polishes from the Hunger Games Collection today as they are both perfect for autumn. 

But sadly the camera just didn't translate the shades that well for some reason! I can only blame the dull and miserable lighting at the moment.

China Glaze Fast Track (£6.95 Beauty Bay here) - When I first spotted this in Sally's it was love at first sight, the gold flecks seems to glow in the bottle. I then purchase it online at a lower price and sadly it wasn't love at second sight. You see on the nails it just isn't that wow, the gold flecks are quite subtle but also too compact... it actually reminds me of my dislike of frost lipstick in a strange way. I guess because the gold flecks actually spoil this nail polish a bit, much like how a frosty finish to a lipstick can ruin the shade. However the polish cannot be faulted on application.

China Glaze Electrify (£6.95 Beauty Bay here) - Now this is one amazing nail polish, I think I could look at the nail polish bottle all day long and on the nails too! I decided just to add it to the tips of the nails to it would be easier to remove and also not as full on as glitter nails and I really like it (it looks a lot nicer in real life). But this as an opaque glitter all over the nails is just truly amazing and the most perfect glitter for autumn. For just under £7.00 this is one to have in your collection if you love nail polish. 

 Sadly these don't look the most amazing nails but trust me 'Electrify' is a special nail polish.

I'm really loving China Glaze nail polishes at the moment, so if you know anywhere I can buy them at a good discounted price please let me know! 

Fee xo.

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