Half Price Enrapture Encode Totem Styler at Boots!

Enrapture Encode Totum Styler

A quick morning post today on a great offer that is ideal to get now in time for Christmas!

The Enrapture Totem Styler is currently the Deal of the Week product on Boots.com which means it is£37.49 instead of the normal £74.99!

In my honest opinion the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler is the best curling styling tool on the market, I literally know so many people that own this and love it. With the unique three zone barrel (basically three different heat zones that you can change) you can create so many different types of curls and looks

The quality of the product and the packaging is right up there with the likes of GHD's. This is a superior hair tool that heats up fast, comes with a heat-proof carry case, doesn't tug on the hair and will be a staple if you love having waves or curls.  

Heat 1 creates loose curls and heat 3 creates tight curls. For daytime when I'm in a rush I use 1-1-1 for loose curls/waves, I just grab random sections and curl them quickly. For going out and wanting more perfect/styled hair I go for 2-3-1 and curl away from my face which creates loose curls to the middle section of my hair and then tighter ones to the ends. For more glamorous hair I go for 2-2-2 and curl inwards which gives a more vintage style that I know I couldn't do with any other hair tongs that I own.

If you have been looking to buy this or know someone that this would be perfect for, now would be the time to get it.
I will be doing a full review of the Totum styler in November as part of my Christmas gift reviews with some hair pics to show how versatile it actually is.

Fee xo. 
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