Festive Yankee Candle Wax Tarts

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts Christmas

Over the past year or so I have certainly caught the beauty/fashion bloggers plague of being obsessed with candles

Christmas I know is only going to intensify my candle obsession as I have already started on the festive scents of cinnamon and yummy baking

 Even though I do love large flickering jar candles I also love my wax tart burner (to use a wax tart burner you place a tea light in the bottom of the burner and a wax tart in the dish above, which melts. Burners are also used to heat up essential oils) as it means I can try out more scents, which are of course cheaper to buy (they normally start at £1 per wax tart) and generally the vapors released are stronger than burning a candle. 

  So I decided to treat myself to a mixed set of 10 Yankee Candle Wax Tarts from eBay that all have a festive scent to them. Yankee Candle Wax Tarts do cost around £1.30 each so 10 for £9.95 free p&p (UK eBay listing here) is really good value for money. Though I do plan to be good and only keep 5 for myself and then give 5 as part of a gift, as I know 5 wax tarts will last me quite some time - definitely over November & December. 

As the listing is for a mixed lots there are 17 festive scents that you could get but none are duplicated. I was quite pleased with my selection, though I'm not keen on anything that smells like trees! I was really pleased to receive Cherries on Snow, Christmas Cookie, Christmas Eve and Sparkling Cinnamon. I'm now burning Christmas Cookie which is very sweet smelling and lovely (tempted to buy this as a large candle) and I know I will be saving Christmas Eve until Christmas Eve! 

Do you burn wax tarts? Which brands do you go for? 

Fee xo.

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