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Today I thought I would do an overview of the shampoos I am currently using because if you do use Sulfate-free shampoo you will know that reviews can be important as they can be hit and miss some of the time, unlike standard shampoos. 

I won't go in to why I avoid using sodium lauryl sulfate in shampoos too much (I also avoid using shower gels and facial washes with this ingredient in). But basically SLS is an inexpensive foaming agent found it pretty much all products that foam, even toothpaste... unless of course the product states it is SLS-free. However I personally think it is a cheap and harsh chemical that shouldn't be used in personal care products. If you suffer from any type of scalp/skin problems (e.g eczema, psoriasis) anything containing SLS isn't what you want to be using AT all.

 I decided to make the change to use only SLS-free products when I had a bad reaction to a shampoo which resulted in quite a sore feeling to my scalp. However using shampoos that were SLS-free helped my scalp recover but also I saw the other benefits - reduced hair loss in the shower, better hair growth, more shine, less frizz and also hair dye fade less... basically my scalp & hair health improved greatly and I have now been using only SLS-free shampoos for over 2 years. 

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As I use so many different shampoos I can't really specifically say if they are giving me the results they suggest in these mini reviews. For example the Jason shampoo below, which is supposed to fortify weakened, hard-to-grow hair for maximum length without breakage. I am around half way through using this and my hair is in good condition but I can't say if it is specifically down to this product, plus also I think one of the main benefits when opting for sls-free/natural shampoos is they do make your hair stronger so less likely to break or fall out. 

So just to note for these reviews I can only really comment on - how much each shampoo foams and cleans my hair, the scent and the after results when my hair is dry.


Jason Jojoba Shampoo
473ml/£5.95 - Big Green Smile

For me this is an average foaming SLS-free shampoo, it does take a little more shampoo than I normally would use but if I use that little extra it does foam up nicely. The scent for being a 'pure natural' shampoo is quite heady than I expected, however I think that is the strong grapefruit scent that I'm just not use to, however when washing the hair is it a lot less than just sniffing it from the bottle. The shampoo leaves my hair cleaner than normal, but not stripped or knotty, so I think this would be good for anyone that is prone to more greasy hair.

For the amount you get in the huge bottle it is a great price (you always have to pay more for SLS-free products) and I will 100% be re-purchasing this in a different scent as my new general day-to-day shampoo.


Naked Care Mild Shampoo 
250ml/£3.98 - Naked online or Boots

This is a shampoo I always re-purchase as I always like to have something that I know is mild on my scalp if I have been using a lot of products in my hair. So this is a super mild shampoo that is free from sulphates and doesn't cost a lot. 

 Naked shampoos are generally a bit thinner in consistency than 'normal' shampoos so you do need to use more or wash your hair twice, though I never have needed to do this. But from using pretty much the whole Naked shampoo range I can say the Mild shampoo containing Neroli & Oatmeal and the Hydrating shampoo with Honey & Mallow do lather up the best. 

SLS-free shampoos are always going to cost more but this is one of the cheapest priced range and actually the one SLS shampoo range that you can find in Boots and Sainsbury stores.


Fushi Total Repair Herbal Shampoo 
250ml/£13.75 - Feel Unique 
When I want my hair to look really nice I tend to use this shampoo along the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque (250ml/£13.45 - Cheapsmells) as both products really hydrate my hair leaving it smooth, shiny and frizz-free. 

Now I am normally put off by anything that mentions the word 'herbal' as I don't tend to love that certain smell that natural herbal products can have. But this smells quite citrus-y and almost a like lemonade. For me this is one of the only SLS - free shampoos that leaves my hair knot-free after using it, which I find pretty amazing. With a shampoo like this I really feel it is doing more than just cleaning my hair but actually adding strength and benefiting my scalp.


Tigi Foxy Curls Mini Shampoo 
75ml/99p - Fragrance Direct

When it comes to SLS-free shampoos my all time favourite is Tigi Superstar shampoo as it lathers up so well, is gentle but cleansing on my hair and it smells of strawberry milkshake.

 However as I'm going on holiday next month I thought I would take the Tigi Foxy Curls Minis with me, so I bought a few, with one to try before I went. Much like the Superstar shampoo this is a thick feeling shampoo that lathers up so well and also as it is for curls it really does help with frizz. I actually think I like it just as much as my Tigi Superstar shampoo. Also this actually smells like a bag of Jelly Babies, so yummy! 

If you already do use SLS-free shampoos then I hope these mini reviews are helpful. 

But if you are someone that is considering trying out SLS-free shampoo then my main advice would be to try it and stick with it! No using 'normal' shampoo sometimes, or you just won't get use to the consistency of SLS-free shampoo and more importantly you won't see any results. 

Fee xo.

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