New Feature: Daily Photo

Rose nail art autumn

As I mentioned in a previous post I am all about new things come autumn for some reason! So I thought it was time for something new on my blog. 

I do normally try to do daily posts if I can, however sometimes posting a babbling post at 10:30am in the morning can seem a bit too much. So from now on I will be posting a daily photo with some ramblings of course in the morning and then mid afternoon my normal post. I'm not sure exactly what I will be sharing with you - it may be something that has come through the post that day, my nails (as I do paint them daily), even a book that I'm currently reading, something that I will be reviewing in the future or even just something that I am liking at the moment. 

It will just be something more light hearted and will incorporate my love of taking photos of anything!

Today's photo... my first attempt at getting back in to nail art again! Nothing amazing but quite suitable for autumn.

Fee xo.

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