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Product Empties

I would love to do monthly empties posts however I rotate my products so much that I hardly ever finish anything, and if I do I always seem to throw it into the recycling, meaning I can't photograph the product, tsk! 

However I have recently come to the end of quite a few products all around the same time so I thought I would do this post. 

*Warning - long post/snooze fest*

I always love reading these types of posts on other blogs as when you have totally finished a product that is when you can give your best judgement on it I feel. Also a lot of empties posts contain quite general products such as hand wash or shower gel that sometimes people don't get around to reviewing. 

Soap and Glory Pulp Friction Body Scrub

Soap & Glory Pulp-Friction Foaming Fruit Body Scrub 
£8.00/250ml (here - Boots)
In the shower I am very much into my scrubs with around 5 or 6 on the go at any one time, which is why it has taken me so long to finish this product (I've had it around 9 months). This is probably the most exfoliating scrub I use other than my exfoliating gloves but I like that as when I need to really exfoliate either pre-tan, or just to make my skin extra smooth I use this. The scrub as it says does foam but I didn't really feel that did much except for not making it too harsh on the skin. The scent is quite different from the rest of the Soap & Glory products... miles apart from the yummy goodness that is The Breakfast Scrub, but I did actually like it. Dare I say it but it actually reminded me of when a car has been freshly cleaned on the inside! A bit minty and fruity and clean smelling all at the same time. 

Buy again? I actually think I would if it was on 3 for 2 at Boots but I would also be getting The Breakfast Scrub as that is one of my most favourite scrubs - ever!  

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Vanille Clair #51 
£9.99/30ml (here - Superdrug)

This has been one of my favourite foundation for the past year or so now. I originally bought a small 5ml sample on eBay then decided to purchase it full size and now this is my second bottle of it. So it is clear to see that I like it a lot.

The coverage of this is medium and it is definitely made for normal to oily skin (the Healthy Mix Serum is ideal for drier skin types), it doesn't oxidise on the skin and the lightest shade is a good match for my pale skin though it you don't like yellow tones foundations then you may want to skip this. It last well through the day and doesn't look cakey at all on the skin. Do I believe it has skin benefits with the apricot, melon, apple and ginger? No, not at all but this is a lovely foundation that is light enough on the skin to allow it to breath and really does give a radiant finish to the skin without it looking greasy. Though I do always dust my T-zone with a powder.

Buy again? I have quite a lot of foundations on the go at the moment so not right now. But I'm sure by the end of the year I will have re-purchased this.

Thierry Mugler Angel EDT

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau De Toilette 
£41.40/40ml (here - Feel Unique)

This is the Eau De Toilette version of Angel, which if I am honest I was a little surprised about as Angel EDP is known for being a heady strong fragrance and they already do have lighter versions of this out, such as Angel lite and even Eau De Star is quite similar. But now after using it I do get it. This is for anyone that feels like Angel is just too strong but enjoys the richy foody notes. The notes in this are also more sparkling and fresh. One thing I am very much in love with and is such an improvement is the bottle, it really is amazing. It even features a magnetic close top so as you are putting the top on it snaps back together.

Buy again? It is re-fillable so at some point I will get it re-filled however I do prefer Eau De Star and it is slightly cheaper.

Organic Surge Peach Passion Shower Gel

Organic Surge Peach Passion Shower Gel 
£4.07/250ml (here - Big Green Smile) 

 I bought this in Waitrose when I was looking for a new shower gel to try and of course wanting something SLS-free so I went for this because I love anything peach scented. It is definitely conditioning on the skin and good for sensitive skin but the scent is just so weak and that 'lashings of lather' just doesn't exist unless you use a shower puff which I don't use. So if I just use this on my hands with water it just doesn't lather well at all, which makes me have to use it with my exfoliating gloves which takes away from it being calming to the skin. This looked like a really promising product but sadly turned out to be a bit on the rubbish side. 

Buy again? No. I should of bought the Burts Bees Mango & Orange Energizing Body Bar instead!

Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum

Caudalie S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum 
£26.10/30ml (here - Feel Unique)

This 10ml sample came in the April Natural Edition Glossybox and since then I have been using it fairly often before my moisturiser (or just on it's own) and I have been really liking it. But I was amazed to work out that even this tiny 10ml sample would cost £8.66! 

I do have combination/oily skin with a few dry patches around my nose which my No7 moisturizer sorts out, however I thought I would try this out after seeing how thin and runny it was. To my surprise my skin drank up this serum like a sponge and left it feeling plump and soft, no sign of it being too hydrating for my skin at all. I also felt my foundation looked nicer after using the serum, almost like a primer which I really liked.

Buy again? If I had the money to splurge on this then I definitely would as I think it is a step I need in my skincare routine but sadly I cannot justify spending £26 on such a small product  that I know I will use up quite fast.  

Green People Alie Vera Shower bath gel

Green People Aloe Vera Shower Bath 
£9.95/200ml (here - Green People)

This is free from as many nasties as you can get, making it a perfect shower gel for sensitive skin, though you can even go one step further and buy the fragrance free version if your skin is really problematic. For such an organic product I was pleased with how this lathered and smelt on the skin. This was also the first product I used that was totally organic and I could actually feel a different in my skins softness after using it for the very first time, compared to using other shower gels. This really does make the skin feel lovely. You also only need the smallest amount which is great. 

Buy again? I'm on the fence with this product as I do really like it however I feel in a way my skin doesn't need products to be free from all nasties just sulfates so I am would be paying more than I normally would for a product that I don't truly need the benefits from. If that makes any sense. Though I may buy the travel size for taking on holiday with me because I do like it and if I get any sunburn this will be perfect to still use on my skin. 

Wild Ginger Styling Oil Hair

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil 
£7.50/25ml smaller size (here - Paul Mitchell)

I have mentioned this so much on my blog already (it's even in my August favourites here) because I literally loved this and I'm sad to have finished it. This treatment oil is designed to be used on towel dry hair to tame frizz and all that jazz but also to speed up drying time - both things it does amazingly well, whilst smelling of wild ginger that smells sweet and amazing. I really do think this is the best product I have used on my hair for when I am blow drying it, as the oil instantly soaks up most of the moisture from the hair decreasing my hair drying time and also leaving it with a lot less frizz. I also use this on the ends of dry hair and with the excess oil left on my hands I tame any hair near my parting. 

 Buy again? I wouldn't buy the larger size as it's just too pricey however once I visit a hair salon that stocks this I will be re-purchasing it. 

So there you have it all my current empties!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them. 

Fee xo.

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