LP Skin Therapy Uplifting Facial Water

LP Skin Therapy Uplifting Facial water

Facial sprays are very much the in thing this year. I'm sure most of you will have seen at least one review of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir which seems to be the bloggers favourite for the past few months. 

But I decided to totally resist and stick to using my Lush Toner Waters until I received this, the LP Skin Therapy Uplifting Facial Water which is from a fairly new range created by TV psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos.

This spritz is meant to be used after cleansing to tone and remove any excess dirt/makeup and also throughout the day to make the skin feel refreshed. I have been using the spray for both and like the uses equally. When removing my makeup at night I spray the facial water onto a cotton pad then over my face and however well I have cleansed it always picks up something and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. Also I love the smell of the Orange Blossom at night at it's refreshing but also soothing - but if you don't like things overly scented then I would suggest giving this a miss even though the scent isn't left on the skin. 

The other way I have been using this is when my skin is feeling a bit sluggish or even when I am feeling tired. I just spray it over my face with 1-2 squirts and it lightly mists the face giving an instant refreshing and cooling effect. Definitely something to use when its hot or you have been in central heated/air conditioning environment. Even on a flight when the skin can really feel not nice and drained of all hydration. 

As for the price you can purchase it at Look Fantastic for £12.00/120ml (here) and it comes in a much nicer bottle. But I'm just not sure, even though I can't fault it and I have enjoyed using it... I just think it's a little too high in price. Around £8-9 I would be buying this instantly but £12.00 to me for the volume you get seems a little too much. But then again the Caudalie Beauty Elixir is £28.80 for 100ml!

 A nice product but I just wish it came in this size (50ml) so that it could be around £5 mark. You can view the entire LP Skin Therapy range - here.

Have you tried any facial sprays or even the Caudalie Beauty Elixir - is it worth the money? 

Fee xo.

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