More Models Own Mirrorball Collection Swatches!

Models Own Mirrorball collection nail swatches

Firstly I know some of you have been waiting for the rest of the swatches so I do apologise for being slow! But here they are... even if I had to take them on the dullest of days, which never shows off glitter that well!

If you want to see my previous swatches of the other Mirrorball nails polishes from Models own - Boogie Nights and Dancing Queen you can find them in this post. I will also have Hot Stuff (the one with the pink cap) to show you next week!

Disco Inferno Mirrorball Models Own swatches

    Disco Inferno - A glittery gold disco bomb

When I first looked at the new collection I really didn't know which would be my favourite, however as soon as Disco Inferno touched my nails I knew it was the star of the show for me. What looks like fine bronze glitter in the bottle is actually more like rose gold on the nails and I'm truly in love! 

Here I applied it over Models Own Bare Beauty and also did an accent nails with Disco Inferno over Models Own Gold Finger (which I love as an opaque gold glitter). I always love glitters over nude nails and love how this looks but I'm now dying to try it over a dark berry shade for autumn or black. If you are planning on getting a few of the polishes from the collection I would highly recommend this one as it's so unique and the speckles of rose gold in it are just amazing.

Models Own Mirror Ball Freak Out swatches

Freak Out - Crystal shimmer mix of bold blue and purple

This is maybe my least favourite from the collection... though it may be down to my choice of base nail polish (Gosh Gasoline) that doesn't compliment it well. In the bottle it looks amazing but for me it is a little sparse and it just doesn't wow me like the other glitters. That said I'm sure it will look nice over a nude nail polish or even a light pink. 

But like the rest in the collection this applies so well and only needed two light coats. I would always recommend light coats to build glitter instead of one really thick coat as it will never dry and you will end up smudging the glitter. 

I'm still on the fence about this one so definitely need to try it out with some over nail polishes to see how I feel about it.


Definite favourites have to be Disco inferno (gold cap) and Boogie Nights - here (blue cap) so far. But the whole range is amazing if you love glitter nail polish! 

I really think I need to do a Models Own Glitter nail polish post very soon as I counted 11 in my nail polish collection?! 

Just to re-cap The Mirrorball Collection is available now at the Models Own Bottleshop (Westfield, Shepherd's Bush), on the Models Own website  from Monday, September 10th and in Boots stores nationwide from Wednesday, October 3rd. 

Fee xo.
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