August Beauty Favourites - Part 1

August Favourites

Okay this month I am on it! I have collected all the product I used and loved the most from last month and I'm doing my monthly favourites! I swear I love writing these posts but I never get around to doing them for some reason. 

At the beginning of August I started using a lot of new products and thankfully was really pleased with most of them. But also I have been continuing to use some products that I absolutely love. 

Too Face Brow Envy No7 Beautiful Skin

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Oily Skin
£12.50/50ml - here (Boots)
I've had this moisturiser for some time now as even though I wouldn't class myself a facial moisturising person I have been using before applying makeup without fail, which does mean it is going down and down but I really feel I need to use this now so my foundation sits nicely on the skin. This is perfect for my oily/combination skin as it feel light and on the right side of hydrating but also I know I can apply a bit more in the dry areas and it will sort them out. I also love using this on my neck and have actually noticed my skin feeling softer for it. If you have slightly oily/combination skin then I would highly recommend this as it feels really good quality, plus you can wait until the No7 £5 off vouchers are around.  

Too Face Brow Envy 
£26.00 - here (Escentual)
 This really does deserve a full review as I can't say all I want to say about it in a paragraph. But this month I have been loving using this. The kit contains everything you need to get perfect brows and this definitely has been seeing more love than my HD brows palette recently. I won't go into too much detail but I have been loving setting my eyebrows with a wax (the top left pan) as it makes sure they stay perfect all day, plus it gives a lovely sheen to them and also highlighting just under my brows (top right pan). Also the little angled brush is SO good! I am really surprised at how much I like it but it's just perfect for using on the brows as it's nice and stiff so you can be really precise with it. Also how pretty is the packaging?!

Collection 200 Lasting Perfection Concealer
£4.19 - here (Boots)
Before I begin saying all the good things about this concealer I firstly want to express my annoyance in the packaging! Really Collection/Collection 2000 you know that the printing on this product melts off during use (leaving black marks on the hand) so please sort it out?! I actually had to resort to removing all the printing on the tube with nail polish remover as it was half wearing off and getting all over my hands... not good when you are touching your face whilst applying makeup (this tube is actually new as I bought it in a lighter shade). That aside I won't say too much about this concealer as there are so so many reviews of this on line because it's such a good concealer. If you are looking for a high coverage concealer then try this! As I say I purchased this in a lighter shade so now I have two so I can always have one that will match my skin, which is why I had to include it in my favourites as I have been using the lighter shade under my eyes all month.

Origins Super Spot Remover Balmi Lip Balm Sweet Vanilla Salve

Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Gel
£12.00/10ml - here (Boots)
 Now that my skin has 'grown up' and become more balanced I definitely have less spots however I have found myself more willing to spend money on spot treatments than ever before. I can only put this down to wanting to keep my skin in this condition of just having the odd spot now and again! Which is why I decided to have a little splurge on this teeny tiny product last month. I have been using this on every blemish that has developed on my face since I got it and for stopping spots developing this has been great! It really tackles the spot, making it less red and visible and after a few days you see it disappearing completely. If you do get a lot of spots the I wouldn't recommend this but if you get the odd few spots or hormonal spots then this is a great product. I can see this lasting me ages as you need so little. 

Balmi SPF 15 Coconut Lip Balm
£4.99/10g - here (Boots)
 This literally hasn't been out of my bag since I got it. I really have been loving it... so I can actually see it going down already - eep! The scent of this is lovely, it reminds me of holidays, but the packaging and shape of it just makes it so easy to apply which is why when I reach for a lip balm in my bag I always go for this one when I'm out. I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled in Boots for the raspberry or strawberry one.

Rose & Co Sweet Vanilla Salve Lip Balm
£5.00/20g - here (Amazon)
I do try to rotate my lip balms in my handbag and on my desk so this was the one I decided to use last month and I just fell right back in love with it. I found myself using it more on colder days as it's just so yummy smelling and comforting. The sweet vanilla scent is even nicer than just a normal vanilla scent it's sweet and delicious. Probably my most favourite tinned lip balm ever!

burberry sheer foundation Stila

Favourite foundation combination 
 Burberry Sheer Foundation in Trench No.5 £35.00 - here (Burberry site). Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free in Light SPF 30 - bought from Poundland?! (R.R.P £20)

Now I know you may be thinking 'what?! She needs to mix Burberry foundation which is perfect'. So firstly I want to point out that the foundation is a little too dark for me currently and the Stila foundation is slightly too light for me, which is why I decided to mix them together to get the right shade. But when I have a bit of colour (i.e on holiday/use a light self tan) I will be using the Burberry Foundation on it's own and when I'm paler in winter I will use the Stila foundation.

These two foundations mixed together for me are a dream come true. I just can't explain the consistency and finish this gives but its just perfect for my skin. As you can see it does look quite different to my skin in the middle image but when this is blended out it just my skin colour but without that ghostly edge and with a nice medium coverage that still looks like my own skin, so nice and weightless. But I especially like that the with the Burberry foundation being quite sheer and the Stila foundation being actually a tinted moisturiser it doesn't cling to any areas at all or sits on the skin or go into any fine lines. Also this looks perfect on my skin all day! Wonderful combination that works for me perfectly.

As this post is rather long already I'm going to carry on my more non-makeup favourites in another post tomorrow.

P.S. Do you like my new background? It's a wallpaper sample from B&Q! 

Fee xo.

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