15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 5 - Nude Nails

Orly Robo Romance nude nails

We are now a third of the way in with our 15 Day Nail Challenge and so far I have really enjoyed it. I thought maybe it would give me some nail inspiration seeing other people's interpretations of the themes each day and it has. 

But I have also discovered some lovely blogs and really feel like it's a little group as I see the same bloggers joining in each day!

Today's theme is nude nails which is my fail-safe option! I have so many nude nail polishes and never tire of them because there are so many shades of nude... maybe I should do a post entitled '50 Shades of Nude' haha.. though sadly I only have around 25+ nude nail polishes.

Orly Robo Romance Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Ivory Rose

I decided to try out a new addition to my nude nail polish family - Orly Robo Romance (£5 - Boots), which I bought from the lovely Holly Arabella who has a lovely blog (here). I did swatch it on a nail first and decided it would need too many coats to become opaque so I went for my trusty Maybelline Forever Pro nail polish in Ivory Rose (£4.09) which creates a lovely base. Pretty nude nails with added twinkle! 

Here are all the other lovely nude nail submissions today... 

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Tomorrows theme (Monday) is Glitter nails! I'm excited for this one as I love glitter! 

If you want to join in then you can find all the details here

Fee xo.

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