Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel Review

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel

It is a rare thing that I write an individual review on a product unless it's a gift set with a few products. But I felt the Ginvera Marvel Gel needed a post of it's own because its such a good product but also a product that needs some explaining I think!

 What does this product even do?
What Ginvera say - Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel is a gentle yet exfoliating formula that targets the cornified skin layer, dissolving and removing the dead skin cells revealing your skin’s youthful radiance that lasts for the whole day. 

What Makeup Savvy says - This definitely is a product that dissolves and removes dead skin and therefore makes the skin look fresher and more radiant. The gel also removes blackheads and reduces oil secretion from them areas without drying the skin at all.

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel review

Where can you buy it? 
 You can buy the Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel from (here) or from Harvey Nichols (here) also in-store for £22.00/60ml.

How it is used
This is a very interesting product that I can only explain as an exfoliating gel that is free from any grains or exfoliating beads and actually is a lot more effective than any facial scrub or exfoliating product. The smooth non-grainy gel is applied to dry skin and rubbed in, then as you can see in the image below little bits appear (much like when you over rub in moisturizer) but this is in fact dead skin cells - lovely! The gel literally dissolves all the dead skin cells and blackheads! Then you just wash all the bits away with warm water. 

Marvel gel

The Results 
Even on first use, this product worked like magic! As a rubbed in the gel over my face and the little balls of dead skin appeared I could see my skin looking clearer and the blackheads becoming less visible as they were dissolved away. After the first use I decided to concentrate rubbing the gel into my t-zone area which I feel is where I need the dead skin removing from and also where blackheads tend to be. For me the gel leaves my skin so soft (I normally use a wooden facial brush and the gel performs even better than the brush), firmer and brighter skin and also with a lot less blackheads! I have actually never used a product that has removed blackheads this well.

The only down side is that if I don't use the Marvel gel for a two days or so I do see my skin going back to how it was.

As for the whitening aspect of the product, I don't really like that term but it was initially for the Asian market (so a bit of a ploy for people to buy it). But I personally think the whitening aspect is meaning that when dead skin cells are removed it makes the skin appear brighter, which it definitely does... but it definitely doesn't lighten the skin in any way shape or form! 

The benefits of using Ginvera Marvel Gel over a facial scrub
Personally I would go for this product over any exfoliating product when using it before getting ready to go out, as I like to exfoliate my face so that I have a smooth base to apply makeup on to but with using any type of scrub it does make the skin red. Also this is a great option to go for if you have sensitive skin or are prone to broken veins as there is no scrubbing to the skin. But on the whole if you are looking for a product that will remove them layers of dead skin really well then this is a much better product to use over any scrub (well any scrub I have used and I must say I have tried a lot!).

Of course £22 for a 60ml product is quite steep but if you do want to shift the dead skin to reveal brighter softer looking skin. Or sort out them annoying black heads once and for all without leaving the skin red then this is a product so worth spending on! 

I am very much impressed with this product. 

Fee xo.
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