The Cutest Nail Polish EVER!

Crayola mini nail polish 

Aren't these amazing! 
What every nail polish addict needs in their life!

I do have to put most of you out of your misery first by sadly stating that these are only available in the U.S on (here). If you don't live in the U.S don't even be tempted to have a look because you will find too many amazing things that you want so badly that you have never even seen before.


If I am totally honest with myself this do look like a novelty item more than anything... I have a feeling they would be sheer and not that amazing. But the names are so enticing and Plum and Robin's Egg Blue look like such amazing shades. 

 Paperchase or Urban Outfitters need to stock these ASAP or at least before Christmas! 

Fee xo. 

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