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For years and years I didn't really love Lush and thought it was overpriced. However now I always seem to have things on my wish list from Lush and know how to not spend too much in there and also buy products that last well! 

I still do believe Lush is way overpriced on some products - Gorgeous Moisturiser £37.50/45g anyone?! Eeep. Also I do have to avoid quite a lot of products, mainly their shower gels, shampoos and soaps as they contain sulphates. But despite that I do have some firm favourites from Lush and love going in-store now and again to have a look at all the products especially for people at Christmas & Birthdays.

Lush Toner Water

Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water 
 £3.75/100g (here)
This product is a long standing favourite of mine that I feel is a nice addition to my skincare routine even though it doesn't really add anything as such, it's just a pleasant product to use. 
For me this is definitely a product I use during the summer months as it's so refreshing to use on a cotton pad at night after taking off my makeup or spritz on my face after applying makeup just to remove that matte look from the skin. However I do also use this in winter when I feel my dry is feeling a bit urgh from the central heating. Whether I use this wiped over the face with a cotton pad or sprayed directly onto the face (from a good distance mind) it is just a really refreshing feeling that just perks up the skin and gives it some life. Plus it smells lovely!

I've you have never tried any of the Toner Waters from Lush but are wanting to, then I would 100% recommend this one.
Tea Tree Toner Water 
 £3.75/100g (here)
The Tea Tree Toner Water is a new product for me but as I love the Breath of Fresh Air so much I thought it was about time I tried another toner water from Lush. So far I am liking the toner and use it on days were my skin is feeling a little more oily, before applying any makeup and also at night after cleansing to remove any residue. I only use this on a cotton pad and unlike the Breath of Fresh Air Toner I do noticed that it does remove excess grime so it is ideal for anyone with oily skin who doesn't want anything that is tightening or stripping. So far so good with this toner!
DSC_0976 (2)

Glorious Mud Shower Scrub 
£3.95/100g (here)
This is a totally new product for me and one that I was kindly given for my birthday last month by someone that remembered I don't use anything with sulfates in! I have yet to try it out as it has been sitting in my wardrobe making everything smell amazing but I cannot wait to try it out as I love shower scrubs that aren't the norm. But like most product that come like this from Lush I am going to be chopping it up in to 4 or 6 pieces so I get quite a bit of use from it! 
Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub 
£2.75/100g (here)
Ahhh the Lush Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub - not one of my favourite products. However I did receive this as a gift and I'm going to make it my mission to find a way of using it so it doesn't scratch my skin off this time?! When I first tried this I found it so abrasive that I was shocked and the only thing I found it suitable for was on my feet and knees and even then it was quite harsh. I just can't imagine anyone really liking how abrasive it is! But instead of wasting the product I am going to try this in the bath after it has soften a bit in the water and see how I go. But really I'm not a fan of this product at all. 

Even though I have totally avoided SLS's/sulphates for the past two years I am thinking about being a little less strict when it comes to hand soap as I would only be using it on my hands and I am always so tempted my all the lovely Lush soaps like Porridge, Honey I Washed The Kids and Rock Star. I think I need to stop being so cautious!

Fee xo.  

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