Lifting the Lid... Jolie Box March 2012


Oh dear I am starting to get behind with my Beauty Box reviews! But I have really got into trying out all the products in each box and thoroughly using them. Though I think I need to start playing catch-up as I want to talk about newer beauty boxes.

The Price 
 The Jolie Box contains 5-6 deluxe samples and is priced at £12.95 including delivery. Like all the monthly beauty boxes you can cancel at anytime but it does work on a direct debit basis. You can view more info on the box here.


The Packaging
 As you can see Jolie Box has under gone a slight makeover with the interior packaging and I must I am not missing that annoying shredded paper sizzle (yes, that is actually what it is called - I googled). The drawstring pouch is great for keeping the samples in whilst you try them out and of course can see re-use it afterwards... I'm personally thinking it could be good for the sample sachets I seem to build up, nail polishes or even for travelling with.

Jolie Box Magazine
This is the first Jolie mag and I really do think it's a great little extra with the box. The magazine included an interview with Therese the director of JolieBox UK, an interesting article on if Micellar solutions are better than regular makeup removers, a few more little interviews with the JolieBox team and a section on new spring products. Of course it isn't anywhere near the standard of a normal magazine but its free and it's a nice little read, that gives you a little more knowledge of Jolie UK team.


The Products 
First ever box containing all full-sized products!

Davines Authentic Moisturizing Face/Hair/Body Balm 
(Full size 150ml - £17.40) 
If I am totally honest I was a little apprehensive about this product but also intrigued at the same time as I do like my multi-use products but it seems a bit confusing. I decided to try it out in all the ways suggested so I first used this to remove my makeup with a cotton pad. Sadly I found it didn't thoroughly cleanse my face (like most cold cream type cleansers) and did also leave residue on my skin, though I imagine this would be a good makeup remover for minimal makeup wearers with mature/drier skin... though for the price I think it should of been more effective. However the other two ways of using this product I did really enjoy. As the product needs to be rinsed off the body and hair I have been using this on my arms as a body balm and on the ends of my hair as a hair mask and then after afew minutes I rinse it off in the shower and the results have been lovely - definitely can see a difference in my hair when I use it. Would I spend £17.40 on this product? Honestly, never. But it was a nice product to receive in the box.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner
(Full size - £9.00)
Since Eyeko decided to re-brand themselves I really haven't been interested - the look of the products is bland compared to what they were and the prices are just too steep. Also they seem to be featuring in a lot of beauty boxes recently so I do already have the eyeliner in two different shades from other beauty boxes! I am pleased on the shade as it is something that I use day to day and the formula is quite nice. Also I found out what the purpose of the silver handle is for - it is so you can use the whole of the eyeliner even when it's down to the smallest amount. Again not a product I would buy due to the price but it is something I have been using and I was pleased to receive in the box. 


LCN Nail Polish in Free Your Mind 8ml
(Full size - £5.50) 
Nail polish in beauty boxes is a win for me and so I was really pleased to see this nail polish in the box! Never tried LCN before so it was nice to try out a new brand and I really do like the shade - white with a lovely shimmer to it. Best product of the box! 
Yardley Lavender Body Lotion 
(Full size - £3.50)
Ahhh if only this was in a nicer scent! I don't actually mind Yardley as a brand and do really like the English Daisy range (especially the perfume) but anything that is lavender just seems a bit grandma-ish to me so I have only tried this once and didn't like it due to the scent. Sadly a product that won't be getting used. 
 Jolie Box Compact Mirror
I am going to be totally honest here and say this is a total waste. The mirror is cheaply made and very basic and I am sure most people already have a mirror they carry around or a mirror in a makeup product. Yes, Joliebox branded makeup brushes, but no to cheap extras like this.


 I really enjoyed the mix of makeup and skincare products in this box and it was great to have a multi-use product in there as well. Also of course all the products being full size was great - a real treat for the price of the box. Also the first box/beauty box company to include a free magazine too! 

The only real let down was the Jolie Box compact mirror (though it was only supposed to be an extra) and I guess you could say that Yardley isn't a luxury brand.

Overall a well rounded beauty box that I found myself wanting to use the contents of!

Fee xo.  
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