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So I thought it was about time I revealed how much makeup I actually own and what I actually have! 

As my makeup is spread out in different places and I do own quite a lot I thought it would be best to split up the posts... which also means I can ramble more about the products I use/like/don't like etc.

So first up is Blush! Now I wouldn't actually say I am that in love with blusher however I think I must be as I have quite a few now and naughty didn't even hunt down all of the blushers I own.. so the above image is my blush collection plus around 5/6 more. So I do own around 30 blushers which I'm not sure if that is a lot or not! I would really love if people could share with me how many they own so I could put it into perceptive a bit! 


1. Topshop Cream Blush Neon Rose 
(£6.00 Topshop
This is my perfect summer time blush. From the packaging to the formula everything about this is perfect! The shade is a lovely peachy pink that blends into the skin perfectly with it's cream to powder formula which is great for oily skin or warm weather. On myself this lasts all day and just looks pretty and healthy on the cheeks. Also comes with a good sized mirror inside.

2. Benefit Bella Bamba 3D Pink
 (£23.50 Look Fantastic
I so didn't want to get sucked into the whole 3D blusher thing as I just didn't believe it could be better than a normal blusher... but oh, how I fell hook, line and sinker in love with this! I use this when I want to look really radiant and just 'done'. It is hard to explain but this just has the perfect amount of shimmer/highlight and is such a perfect shame.. oh and you cannot beat the scent of this - just lovely! 

3. The Balm Frat Boy 
(£13.00 Bath & Unwind)
I received this in a Carmine Beauty Box and initially thought 'wow, The Balm!' but then I looked at the shade and though 'meh, this looks a bit bland' but then after I used this I was back to 'wow' as this suits my pale skin like no other blush has ever done before. This to me is a light matte apricot shade that is nicely milled and applies really nicely to give a lovely flush to the cheeks that never looks over done. I have used this so much since receiving it and just cannot get over how well it goes with my skin.


Ones I should use more...

1. No7 Natural Blush in Candy Pink
 (£9.50 Boots
I actually really enjoy using this blush once summer hits but sadly this is totally unloved the rest of the time. The reason for this is at that due to it being a light but fairly bright pink I like to wear it when only wearing mascara, a bit of foundation and some lip balm as the blush just makes me look wide awake and pretty. Though sadly the prices of No7 products have really increased in recent years so I would only suggest picking up this when the £5 voucher offer is on. 
2. The Balm Hot Mama
 (£12.50 Bath & Unwind)
I shamefully cannot say why I do not use this as much as I should. When I first purchased this I used it so much, but as my blush collection grew it sadly got forgotten about which is crazy as it is an amazing blusher. This is basically a more pigmented and slightly more peach version of Nars Orgasm and I am tempted to say that I prefer it to Orgasm and really how cute is the packaging?! Honestly if you are thinking of purchasing Nars Orgasm please don't get seduced by name or the clic black packaging this is Nars, but go for this as it contains so much more product, is a lot cheaper and is more intense! 

3. Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Pink Cloud 
(£1.99 Boots
Again no excuses for not using this as it's a lovely soft pink blush that applies so nicely. For only £1.99 this isn't actually that chalky and feels so soft. I am definitely going to stick this on my desk and use it as it really is a great shade to wear in spring. I also think I need to pick up Peach Melba now after Meg from Lips So Facto compared it to MAC's Melba blush - here.


New loves...

1. Nars Bronzing Blush Duo in Orgasm/Laguna
 (£29.00 Nars
You could officially call this my first ever Nars product as up until recently I hadn't purchased anything from Nars. But then I spotted (this) which is the Nars Wicked Attraction gift set which can be exclusively found at ASOS for £35.00 and contains four products. The gift set really is beautiful and I have been enjoying all of the products, but I actually wanted the set for the blush/bronzer duo . Like Benefit's Bella Bamba and The Balm's Hot Mama this is an amazing blush for making the cheekbones look high and gives an  all round radiant look!

2. Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon 
(£20.oo Zuneta)
I receive this with the Febuary Glossybox and when I spotted it my heart may just of skipped a beat as Becca products are pretty high end and are constantly raved about by the Pixiwoo sisters. The tint really is just perfection, it applies like a dream and looks so natural and again like Benefit Bella Bamba the scent is to die for. I can see this being bumped up to my favourites very soon! 



1. New CID i-bronze Compact Powder in Rio
  (£19.40 Feel Unique
So this may not be techically classed as a blusher as it is called 'i-bronze' but quite a bit of the veining in the product is a dusky pink so it is kind of a blusher/bronzer. Now I have tried so hard to like this and I do when/if I have a tan. Without a tan this is just far too muddy for my skin tone and also excessively shimmery, which I really feel isn't needed. I need to admit that this product just doesn't work for me and sell it in a blog sale.

2. Revolution Madina Crystal Glass Blush in 669
 (22 euros) 
This has to be the oddest formula I have ever used with any product! This is probably impossible to explain but to the touch this feels like rubber but then when applying it to the skin it feels more powder-like with quite little pigmentation. But this is easily buildable so it theory I shouldn't dislike it as much as I do... but it really is just the texture that I cannot get use to or understand.

3. Jelly Pong Pong Cheek Puff  in Fluffy
 (£12.50 Jelly Pong Pong)
For the price and the packaging the product inside just seems all wrong to me. I was thinking this would be a smooth, lovely cream blush that was nicely scented and of good quality. But sadly this is quite a sticky formula that just doesn't blend well at all and cream blush should always blend well. For the price you really would expect something a lot better. Also something that bugs me with this product is actually how much product you do get.. 10.7g for a cream blush is way too much and no one could go though that amount before it drying up or going out of date. 

Hope this has been slightly interesting! Would really love to know how many blushers you own. 

Next up I think it may have to be foundations or brushes!

Fee xo. 

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