Good Things Anti Blemish Cleanser - My new inbetween cleanser!


When it comes to my face I don't really use moisturise (I own two). I also don't really use eye creams either (just Origins Ginzing when I remember) and I dislike toners. However I do have two guilty pleasures - face masks and cleansers. I have tried lots, some not even for my skin type! But my definite weakness is with cleansers because I just see it as such a staple product and my basic philosophy is - Clean skin = Good skin.

But even though I have so many cleansers hid in my bathroom sometimes I just cannot be bothered to take off my makeup properly. It's just too much hassle. So my only option is makeup wipes which never remove much really as I hate cold cream cleanser that you smooth on and then somehow wipe off with a cotton pad... for me it just leaves behind too much residue and even after 5 cotton pads I can still see make-up on my face. 

But I think I have found an in between option for my oily/combination skin! 


For some reason when I first tried the fairly new Good Things Deep Pore Anti Blemish Cleanser £4.99/200ml - here. I really was expecting a creamy slightly thick cleanser to come out, but in fact it is just a clear liquid that feels just like applying toner (no stinging or tightness mind). Which I guess makes sense as this is supposed to be a kind of 2-in-1 cleanser. Anyways, so why is this an in between option I hear you say! Well this definitely isn't as faffy as using a proper cleanser, I can actually use this in bed and do! Plus it is so much better than using makeup wipes as it removes more makeup and is better for the skin. 

I must say I have been using it quite often at the moment as I have been lazy which isn't good but then I do cleanser fully in the morning to make up for it. But it really has been my saviour when I have been too tired to go to the bathroom and properly cleanse/wash my face.  


As you can see this is what was removed when I wiped a cotton pad with the Good Things cleanser on it over my face (was just wearing foundation at the time) and I must say it did remove most of it. Of course if I want to make sure I have most of my makeup off I just use a second cotton pad.

Good things...
The scent (fresh & fruity), no residue left behind, skin dries quickly after cleansing, easy & quick to use, does remove more makeup than a makeup wipe,fairly cheap, free from nasties - parabens etc. 

Not so good things... 
Isn't a deep cleanse for the pores like it states, can't be used on the eyes (though I do use it), wouldn't really say it would keep spots at bay if you do suffer from them quite often. 

Now even though I have just stated my dislike for makeup wipes I am tempted to try of the Korres Pomegranate makeup wipes for combination skin (£5.50) as they aren't low end and they aren't high end either and I have quite liked their skincare products so far. 

But before I do purchase them from either Waitrose or ASOS I would love to hear if anyone has tried them or even their makeup wipes for other skin types. 

Fee xo.

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