Developing My Modest MAC Collection


Now just to prewarn this isn't going to be a post on all the hundreds of products I want from MAC! Don't get me wrong I really do like MAC products - well from the little I have purchased/tried out. But at heart I am a scrooge and could never envisage spending £100+ on 5 or 6 products from MAC in one go or with any brand for that matter.

I of course do get the appeal of MAC especially with new collections coming out so frequently (dare I say too frequently?) and of course with a lot of MAC products being the staple of Makeup artist's cases, I do get the appeal! BUT I must admit I think there is a slight obsessive element to 'collecting' MAC products. I have seen countless You Tube videos now with girls that have endless amounts of eye shadows palettes and that purchase 9+ products from each new collection. I think I would much rather have a holiday than have 5 filled eyeshadow palettes personally - but that is just me!

Also with researching fake cosmetics I have definitely seen a darker side to how far some girls will go to own 'MAC' products. Some even knowingly purchasing fake products just because it looks the same as the real thing and of course says MAC on it. Pretty shocking hey?! 

Rambling aside... here are the few products that I will hopefully purchase over the year (yes, I told you I was a scrooge) to build up my little MAC collection.


MAC Patisserie lipstick lustre (£13.50) - Out of all the nude shades that MAC have to offer I really do think this would be one that I could apply anytime and it look nice. Even though I have quite pale skin I do prefer a darker nude shade of my lips as I find they don't ever wash me out. Also I do love lustre finish MAC lipsticks as they pretty hydrating!

MAC Girl About Town lipstick amplified (£13.50) - This is 100% a summer purchase when I have a bit of a tan. It is really daring but I find if I go for a bold lip colour in summer I wear a lot less makeup on the rest of my face which gives a really pretty fresh look.  

MAC Cream Colour Base in Movie Star Red (£9.99 Fragrance Direct here) - I spotted this on Fragrance Direct awhile ago and so I did a bit of a Google search and found a great post on it on Temptalia here and instantly fell in love. I really love that it can be used on both the lips and cheeks and just think it's such a lovely shade. Definitely need this ASAP!

MAC Eye Brows in Lingering (£11.50) -  I think this is something that I will purchase once I have ran out of the shade I use in my HD Brows palette. I like the idea of using a really precise cream pencil and just winding it up as I go instead of a normal eyebrow pencil.

MAC Paint Pot (£14.50) - I already own Rubenesque and Bare Study - two lovely shimmery cream bases/eyeshadows and I really do love using them. The consistency is just perfect and they work so well as a base for other eyeshadows. Plus you really do get a lot of product for your money and only need a little so these do last forever. So I really do want Constructivist, Indianwood and Groundwork now.


I think probably the first thing to get on my list is the Cream Colour Base as I don't want to risk it selling out as after all it is Fragrance Direct. Plus I a excited that it's a cream blush and a lip stain/lip colour as well! Then I am thinking I need Patisserie in my life for spring - ahhhh spring! Then in May it will be my birthday so I can get some more products then. I can see how people get slightly addicted to buying MAC products now...

I know I haven't included any face products like MAC's Mineralize Skinfinishes or their Mineralize Blushes as they just don't appeal to me at £19+ however pretty they are and I love my high-street foundations and own enough as it is really. The same thing really with eyeshadows, I own both Naked palettes, countless Sleek palettes and so many other single eyeshadows. So £10 per MAC eyeshadow just seems frivolous and not needed really. 

Would REALLY love to know what your favourite all time MAC product is and if there are products you want to buy from MAC at the moment. 

Fee xo.

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