Pretty Beauty Products at Zalando!


So today I thought I would tell you about a recent website discovery as it combines three of my favourite things... beauty products, hard to find beauty products and free delivery. A perfect combination for Christmas shopping I would say!

Zalando (here) is a website with a mish-mash of products ranging from women's and men's clothing to more premium, higher end products and also beauty products! The shoes are particularly nice, but right now my main focus is on Christmas presents, thinking what I personally want this year and also being naughty and treating myself! 

So here are a range of products that I would buy as Christmas presents and also for myself! 

Love & Toast Lip Balm in Cherry Lemonade 
(£9.95 - here)
The last time I spotted this was in Space NK at the Trafford Centre and I was umming and ahhing whether to buy it as it smelt so lovely. I decided not to treat myself and then the Space NK store goes and closes down! For me there is just something about pricey lip balms like I love... they feel special and almost unique compared to Vaseline tins and Blistex tubes. I am nearly running out of my lovely Tokyo Milk Lets Eat Cake lip balm so would love to find this under the Christmas tree or as an extra special treat in my stocking this year. *hint hint*

Tokyo Milk Skeleton Head Flat Pocket Mirror 
(£10.95 - here)
Speaking of Tokyo Milk I really do like these... they are quirky and I think they warrant the price with the added little black pouch to keep it in. I do have so, so, sooo many compacts and mirrors so I definitely don't need another but this would make a lovely gift for any lover of Tokyo Milk or for someone that likes things that are a little bit different.

Cowshed Moody Cow Soap
(£7.00 - here)
Okay, maybe this isn't the best named product to give as a gift but oh well! I am rapidly becoming a bit of a weirdo soap collector at the moment and have Korres, The Sanctuary, Pacifica and Sebamed soaps all on the go... but I do cut them all in half so I don't end up with a mass of slimy soap! But the next soap on my list to try is Cowshed as like all of the above, their soaps are totally free from SLS's and in turn full of nice ingredients... so if anyone decides to get me this for Christmas I won't be in the least offended!  

 Compagnie de Provence Soap stack 
(£6.95 - here)
More soap! Enough said really...


Yes to Tomatoes Daily Volumizing Shampoo 500ml

(£8.95 - here)
You really can't give shampoo as a Christmas gift so this will just have to be for me! I have been wanting to get this for a while now after using a few mini sample bottles of it already and this is the cheapest I have found it especially with the free p&p! Expect a review on this shortly as I really do love this stuff! 

Tokyo Milk Glitter Soap
(£11.95 - here)
Slightly ignoring the price.... how pretty is this?! I recently spotted this is a small boutique shop in Manchester and instantly fell in love with the glittery packaging... just so different and perfect for Christmas - it's just a shame you need to remove the paper to use the soap! But I am intrigued to know what the soap looks and smells like underneath that pretty exterior. 

Compagnie de Provence Extra Box in Rose
(£8.95 - here)
Compagnie de Provence has always been a brand that I have wanted to try but frankly the hand washes and lotions in the large bottles are just too pricey for my liking. But this little set is a perfect size to try a few thinfs and to make my mind up about the brand... also from seeing other images of this product I'm sure it comes in a box so nice to give as a gift as well!

There are of course many other nice products on the site but these are just products that I would love to receive and also feel would make lovely Christmas gifts. Just really cute and slightly different!

PS. What brand(s) do you turn to when you want to buy someone a unique/different gift? 

Fee xo.

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