All Used Up... But Would I Buy Again?


Being a Beauty blogger means I own a lot of products, which is obviously nice thing! But it does mean I am forever switching products and never just sticking to one product and using it religiously... which also means I hardly ever seem to get to the end of products! Which can be a good or bad thing sometimes. 

However finally I have some empties and thought I would share what I thought of the products and if I will be re-purchasing.


Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub Body Exfoliator 
(Boots £9.45 - here)
I took this image around a week ago so now it is finally all gone. This is a huge 300ml pot and it had taken me a good 6-7 months to get through it! This definitely is my favourite product from Soap & Glory and I have tried quite a lot of their products... it's just so yummy and a really great scrub. 

I find using this on the backs of my arms most effective as it removes them tiny little bumps and it spreads really easily over the skin and washes off without leaving a greasy layer which I do like. 

Pros - The size of the product and how amazing it smells
Cons - The price... it is a bit too steep  
Would I re-purchase? Yes


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 
(John Lewis £13.75 - here)
I have been rotating this for the past year with all my other cleansers but mainly been using it when my skin felt a bit dull/oily and it has been great! For a cream cleanser this is super-duper stuff - the ingredient in it all seem high quality and you can really feel the cleanser looking after your skin. Also this really does remove all make up so well. One of the best cleansers I have tried along with my pricey Snowberry one.

Pros - Really good quality and good for all skin types
Cons - You cannot see how much product you have left and could be slightly cheaper
Would I re-purchase? Maybe in the future as a treat

No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara 
(Boots £12.50 - here)
This has to be my favourite day time mascara and it's now totally used up - which rarely happens to my mascaras as I always have around seven on the go all at once! I find the brush on this really great, the shorter comb is great for getting right to the base of the lashes to create volume and then the other side is great for combing through any clumps and fanning out the lashes so they look perfect. Also the end of the wand it great for getting the teeny tiny inner corner lashes without blinding yourself in the process. Just a really well thought out mascara that does give exceptional definition!

Pros - Really does what it says and gives lovely lashes!
Cons - The price without using a No7 £5 voucher is quite steep
Would I re-purchase? Yes


Tigi Love, Peace & The Planet Eco Awesome Shampoo 
(Cheap Smells - £6.50 here)
With most products it's always a shame when I notice I am coming to the end of it, but with this is was actually a joy to see! I normally love Tigi shampoos, they are thick and creamy, smell lovely and foam up really well. But this... well it isn't creamy or that thick, but I can live with that - the problem is the smell! It is just so vile. I didn't think about how Cranberry, Orange and Mint would smell all together but let me tell you the mint so isn't needed and just makes it smell like some vile type of cough medicine and to top it off it really is a strong scent that you can really smell whilst washing your hair and even after using conditioner. I have literally been using this and trying not to breath in! But I had to use it all up as it wasn't cheap... so I am so glad it's all gone now.

Pros - That it is SLS-free and foams up well still
Cons - The smell... just ergh
Would I re-purchase? Never!

Next Diamonds
(Next - £10 for 100ml here)
If you have read any reviews on this perfume you will know this smells exactly like Miss Dior Cherie and of course comes at a fraction of the price! If you aren't convinced find this in Next have a spray and then head to Boots and have a spray of the Dior one and see if you can smell any difference! It of course doesn't last as long on the skin but that is a minor issue when it's only £10 for a huge 100ml. 

Pros - The price and that it smells like a much more expensive scent
Cons - The bottle is slightly tacky looking
Would I re-purchase? Yes

Thierry Mugler Eau de Star 
(Cheap Smells - £26.75 for 50ml here)
I am so sad to have run out of this! This perfume was actually a bit of a guilty pleasure as I know a lot of people find this too sickly and deep but I personally love it for that reason. It's rich and sickly but not in a overly sweet way. But it's also quite sexy if it's worn as a day fragrance as it's definitely more of an evening fragrance so it does take people by surprise... okay what am I rambling about - it's just good! Will definitely be getting this again as I love Thierry Mugler scents, so if I don't get this at Christmas I will just have to re-purchase it myself!

Pros - Smells lovely and isn't as expensive as other Thierry Mugler fragrances
Cons - None really
Would I re-purchase? I am tempted, but will be putting this on my Christmas list 

Now I just need to start working though the 20 body lotions, 10 candles and 9 mascaras I own! 

Fee xo.

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