NOTD - Leighton Denny Babydoll


Another day, another nail polish! Well technically this isn't a 'nail of the day' as I wore this about two week ago but I'm still unsure if I like it so I thought I would write a post on it! 

So this came from another beauty box (isn't if odd that we now have 5 beauty box subscription things and a few months ago we had none!) the October GlossyBox in fact. Now I must say Leighton Denny has never lured me in... but I'm not exactly sure why not. Maybe it's the price point, maybe it's the lack of amazing shades - I don't know. 

However I was quite happy to receive this polish in the box so that I could try out the formula etc etc. 

The shade is called Babydoll which is from Leighton Denny The Risque Collection and is the full size bottle at 12ml - but seeing as this is such an old collection nowhere seems to stock it other than eBay (naughty GlossyBox). 


I thought I would include this photo of my nails in a post I did last week as this is exactly what Babydoll looks like on the nails IF you buff them and create a base before hand. The top image however was just two coats over rubbish un-manicured nails and I found the application a bit streaky to apply and also looked a bit streaky as well. Plus if you do apply a thicker coat to over come that problem it does then bubble!

So this is definitely a shade and formula that needs a good base or even ridge filler/base coat. As for the shade I'm not too sure, I think for my complexion it is slightly too pale but for anyone else that isn't so pale this could look really nice I think! 

 As for the bottle design I really do like it, a lot! I would of loved a glass top to match the glass bottle instead of it being plastic but it definitely looks high-end and spa like!

Overall this has tempted me to look into the Leighton Denny range and see if there are some more interesting shades!

Fee xo.

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