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When I first started blogging I was totally oblivious to PR companies, product samples, affiliate links/programmes, CPM rates, sponsored posts - basically everything. But that actually was a good thing as the more my blog grew the more companies would approach me and explain different parts of this totally new world I had found myself in. However if I was to be a new blogger right now I feel things would be different...

I would be seeing little asterisks next to my favourite bloggers posts stating that it was a sponsored post. I would see mentions of PR companies on Twitter and talk of PR samples... but even though them things would be around me, whats to say I'd know more about them things, especially as a new blogger. So I imagine as a new blogger today it can be a bit frustration to see other more established bloggers babbling on about these things... and lets face it, it seems like a lot of us don't want to give much away! 

However I don't see any gain from withholding information I have discovered and have learnt that there really is enough room for all of us and more! So my 'Behind the Scenes of Beauty Blogging' series will be about all the things that aren't talked about that often! From making a few extra pennies from blogging, to how to suss out a brand that is trying to take advantage and how to deal with it. These will be all things I have experienced and learnt from and I will be letting you know the good the bad and of course the ugly! 

My first topic is going to be on Affiliate links and networks and about the program I use which has actually earnt me more than £6.50... unlike all the rest! 

 So that is my first topic sorted which should be up in the next few days, but I really would love to know from YOU, what you would like to know more about. It can be anything, as long as it's to do with blogging and it's something you are unsure of or want to know how to do or know more about. 

I'm definitely no expert at blogging, but I feel after two years of writing Makeup Savvy I have learnt so much and have also seen a lot... and I'm 100% willing to share if it helps other bloggers!

Fee xo. 

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