NOTD - 2True Crystal Regal Purple


I'm in a slight state of mourning today as I sadly had to file down my nails as they have been in rubbish condition every since I bashed them in the kitchen drawer! So now they are a lot shorter than usual but hey ho... they will grow back.

Anyway onto today's nail polish/nails which only costs a bargainous £1.99!

This is actually a nail polish from the 2true Crystal nail polish collection which is limited edition (or so it states on the bottle) and the range contains 4 very shimmery pretty shades which are all on the 3 products for £4.99 deal that 2True run - see the full range of shades here.

Sadly as the weather has been so dull today I couldn't get the nail polish in focus as it's so glittery/shimmery. But you get the idea I think! The shade applies really easier and only needs two coats and feels nice and smooth for such a glittery polish which I really like - can't be doing with a nail polish that feels like sand paper. 

All in all I have been really impressed for a £1.99 polish (which you can find in Superdrug) as it isn't at all thin unlike other cheapy nail polishes I have tried in the past and also it reminds me slightly of a Stargazer polish mixed with Gasoline by Gosh, which is a favourite of mine.

Also I thought I would tell you about a really amazing giveaway over on Motel Rocks which is to win £250 to spend at HQ Hair (find the competition here) really HOW amazing would this be just before Christmas! 

But it does end in 2 days on the 4th November so you have to hurry?!

Fee xo.
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