Bathtime Treats...


Now I'm definitely no water baby when it comes to taking baths - I much prefer showers. However in Winter there is something really nice about have the odd bath and just lying there all warm and totally relaxed! 

 But as I so rarely have baths it also means I'm extremely fussy! But that is mainly because I don't use anything that contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and haven't for quite a long time now (as it is so long winded you can read about why I avoid SLS here if you want) so for that reason I have to be picky but it also generally means the products are quite good quality!


In the Bath... 

Balance Me Rose Otto Body/Bath Wash 
(£12.25 from Naturisismo here)
This actually came free with Red magazine and at first I didn't like it because of the geranium scent to it. However as a shower gel it really made a difference to my skin and it can also be used in the bath with the same skin softening effects! Definitely will be purchasing this again once I run out. Really lovely, natural and a big surprise for me!

N SPA Angel Cake Bath Melt 
(£2.50 on offer Asda here)
Oh I love N-Spa products and I love that some of their products are free from SLS! My favourite product is their toffee scrub which is heavenly but this is a close second as it's just yummy but in a totally different way. I love the packaging and it kind of reminds me of a Lush product in a way, by the sweet smell and the colour.


After soaking... 

After getting out of the bath I really like to rub something into my skin that will soak in and not be all slippery for ages afterwards, so here are my two favourite products. 

Good Things Soothing Body Butter  
(£5.99 from Sainsbury) 
I use this when I want to feel awake and summery as it really does smell amazing - like tropical fruits. It is also really thick but soaks in so so well and leaves the skin feeling plumped up and smooth. Plus it is free from all nasties! 

Neom Organic Body Oil in Lemon & Fresh Basil
(£30.00 from Feel Unique here)
I have tried so many body oils it's unreal as I just love how they soak into the skin like nothing else. But as they do soak in so well I don't like anything that contains chemicals - because anything that soaks into your skin goes into your bloodstream. The only thing I don't like about this is that it is glass and I'm always scared that one day I'm going to drop on my tiled bathroom floor, which WOULD NOT be good at all! But that aside the smell and feel of this on the skin is just amazing and such quality, plus you need such a small amount of this. Just in love with this as a product.


Extra Treats...

From time to time I do get bored with baths so I like to try different quirky things! Sometimes it will be a new ballistic from Lush, sometimes it will be homemade and sometimes I just pick up random things I see and put into my drawer to keep my clothes smelling nice for when I want to use them. 

Dr Rose's Apothecary (Rose & Co) Milk Bath 
(£2.25 from Fragrance Directs here) 
I have been meaning to try this for the last week but haven't had the time to fit in a bath really (don't worry I do shower!) but this looks really interesting! It is basically a white milky, sweet scented powder that you put into the bath and it makes it all nice and milky/vannila scented. There is quite a few in the range that I also want to give a swirl after this! Also it does around three baths and can be used in a foot spa!

Lush Mrs Whippy Bath Ballistic  
(£1.99 in-store) 
I try to be adventurous with the ballistics I pick but I always come back to this one as I really love it! I love how this foams up in the bath instead of whizzing around so really nice if you want a long soak and it definitely reminds me of melted ice-cream. So fun and it smells fab! 

 Would love to know what you use in and after a bath as I feel I need to try a few more products!

Fee xo.

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