Cetaphil Products now available in Boots! Plus FIVE Cleansers to Giveaway! Closed.

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So if you didn't know already Cetaphil is now in Boots stores! It has already kind of been available in the UK but it was pretty hard to find. So this is great news if you want to try the already cult cleanser and moisturising lotions

Now if I'm honest I didn't really know much about Cetaphil or why there was such a hype surrounding the brand... but after trying out the products for a while I think I'm getting why people really do like a bit of Cetaphil. Yes, the ingredients aren't the best... not natural in any shape or form but at least there aren't that many ingredients in the products.

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Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion 250ml - £9.18 (Boots - here)
This product is easily my favourite out of the three! I have been applying this literally neck to toe after every shower I take (in prep for going on holiday) and the improvement in my skin is just great. My skin now is literally so soft and just all round good! But what I like most about the lotion is how easy it goes on as you can literally slap this on all over and within a few minutes it's totally soaked in - my kind of moisturiser! Really really super good stuff that has impressed me. 

Cetaphil Moisturising Cream 100g - £10.20 (Boots - here)
Now I'm not going to lie... I don't really think this is worth the money - yes, it's a good product but seeing as you actually get a lot less product you would expect it to be cheaper, not more expensive! However if you are looking for a really good quality face cream/or something that will calm certain patches of skin then this is the one for you. This really does hydrate the skin amazing well and it perfect for anyone with skin conditions such are eczema and psoriasis and it is so simple and very gentle.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 250ml - £9.18 (Boots - here
Now this is the true Cetaphil cult product that everyone raves about (you just need to look it up on You Tube to see how popular it is) and I must say I can see why it works so well for so many people however sadly I am a poor judge of it as I thankfully have really clear skin now (this I put down to drinking Cranberry cordial religiously) and don't need a cleanser to improve spots/acne. But this really has given some people great results as it just doesn't irritate the skin but just thoroughly cleanses it, which is 100% what you want! 

I'm now a huge believer in using a very mild but effective cleanser and only using spot treatments containing salicylic acid on the areas needed. I really think a lot of people can really make problems worse by using harsh products on their skin. But anyways... ramble aside - this is good stuff for anyone with any skin type really, especially ones that are prone to breakouts or acne.

So I have FIVE Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansers to give away! 


The rules & other info!

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The giveaway will close next Wednesday 23rd November

The five winners will be announced and contacted - Thursday 24th November

Good Luck! 

ALSO the winner of last week's Vivo and Rose & Co giveaway is...

Debbie @lilmouseybrown

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