New Products from Rimmel!

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So today I thought I'd talk about the Kate Moss Collection for Rimmel and a few of Rimmel's newer products. 

The Lipstick Collection by Kate

Firstly I want to talk about the lipstick collection (£5.49) as I did previously mention that I thought it was a bit of a shame that Kate Moss didn't name them and I still stand by that. However I decided to go and swatch all the shades and give my proper opinion on them. I firstly wanted to see if they varied from Rimmel's other lipsticks and I'm quite pleased to say I feel they do. Firstly I liked all the shades especially shades 2,3,4 and 8 and they do actually have a Kate Moss vibe to them - they really do seems shades she would wear.


But here is the shade I ended up getting after many attractive lipstick swatch up my arm...

kat m 1

New shades in the I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish range
I also managed to look at the new shades in the I Love Lasting nail polish collection (£2.99) - which are Hot & Spicy, Misty Jade, Purple Pulse and the amazing Disco Ball. Now I shouldn't of really gone for Disco Ball as I already have something very similar, but I really couldn't resist it. I will have to show you it on the nails at a later date though as I'm currently nursing some bashed up fingers from trapping them in the kitchen drawer at the weekend - nice! 

kat mos sfg

So pretty isn't it though... I'm imagining this over either a nude polish or something equally as glittery for a disco ball explosion, especially for Christmas!

Glam' Eyes HD Union Jack Eyeshadows

I was also tempted by the Glam' Eyes HD eyeshadows (£6.99) while I was there, which consist of 6 palettes that all have a union jack design on them that divides the 4 shades in each palette... if that makes any sense! My definite favourites have to be either 'Green Park' which contains four different shades of green or 'English Oak' which contains three browns with also a light dusky shade in their as well. I'm also thinking these would make really nice stocking fillers... though I do only have my boyfriends stocking to buy for and I don't think he would appreciate these!

Also here is the new Kate Moss advert! What do you think? I'm guessing she is wearing Shade 1 which looks lovely on her but I really don't think I could pull it off!

On a side note I took a visit to one of Tesco's brand new beauty halls yesterday to see the wonderful Diego Dalla Palma stand... but more on that another day!

Fee xo.

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