Boots 17 Femme Noir Free Gift with Purchase


Today I thought it was about time I talked about the free gift you currently receive if you purchase two products from 17 at Boots, as the offer ends November 1st and it's also a pretty good deal! 

Firstly I have to admit I always take up the free gift offers from 17 as I have no trouble at all choosing what to buy as there is always a new and interesting product out or I need to re-purchase something. So on a recent visit to Boots I picked up a brand spanking new 17 Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadow in Wild Nude for £3.99 (here) and Blush & Glow in Strawberry Swirl, which was also £3.99 (here).

Which meant I qualified for the free 17 Femme Noir set...

As you can see you receive three full sized products which is really great if you consider that an average 17 product retails for about £3-4. Also the set is definitely perfect for Halloween... or even the festive season! 

The free gift contains... 
17 Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss in Very Berry 8ml, 17 Glitter Eyeshadow in Night Sky and 17 Liquid Liner in Black 8ml.

You also receive a voucher for X amount of points when purchase another 17 product... but this has vanished from my purse so I don't know the exact details. Plus if you spend over £5.00 on the two 17 products you receive a £5 No7 voucher. So it's offers galore at the moment at Boots! 

Mini reviews & swatches...


17 Liquid Liner
I really do like this product! It's quite black and it has a good brush, which are two important things in my book. I wouldn't say it is as smudge-proof as it claims to be, but never the less this does stay on and stays fairly opaque throughout the day... I know this because I'm currently wearing it and have been all day. I'm also thinking this could be used as a nail art pen for leopard print nails and the like, with a top coat over it of course... but don't quote me on that, as I haven't tried it out! 

17 Glitter in Night Sky
This has to be my least favourite product out of the set, but then again I do plan on using it for Halloween - so I'm glad it was included! Personally I don't use black eyeshadow, but that aside it is one of those eyeshadows that contain glitter, but annnoyingly glitter that seems to work it's way outside of the eyeshadow instead of being evenly placed. 

17 Lip Gloss in Very Berry
Now I don't love how this looks in the swatches above however I do really like it - perfect for Autumn and Winter on it's own on over a darker lipstick, just an all round nice shade that will suit most people. This definitely feels like a product I would buy at full price. 

So all in all a really nice free gift from 17 that needs to be snapped up by November 1st!

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