Shopping My Stash... Lollipop 26 Stylee!


I remember watching Laura's (aka Lollipop 26 now buy now, blog later) 'Shopping My Stash' video over a year ago and thinking 'psh, I'd never need to do that! I use all the makeup that I own'. But that was then and this is now... and the reality of now is that I own far too much makeup for one person. 

So in attempt to find some old favourites and buy less I'm shopping my stash! 


Kiko Siberian Flowers eyeshadow palette - Moscow Chic Peach
When Olivia from Confessions of a Makeupholic sent me this Kiko last year from Italy it was love at first sight so it pains me to admit I've only used it a handful of times! The reason being, I just own way too many eyeshadow palettes (I blame Sleek) and also the Urban Decay Naked palette pushed it out of the way for quite some time. But now that it's back in my life I fully intend to make good use of it, especially the gorgeous purple shade in the middle and the oatmeal type shade at the end.

Sue Moxley Baked Bronze Pot - Miami
This highlighter I've actually used a lot of but since developing a love of cream highlighters this summer it's slowly been making it way to the back of my collection and I just haven't been using it. However this is going to change as I do prefer liquid/cream highlighters in Summer and powder highlighters in Autumn/Winter so this is definitely going back on my dressing table as it is a really nice product that just gives the right amount of highlight to the cheekbones.


Essence Sun Club Lipgloss - Summer Cherry
Another product I received from Olivia last year and even though I really liked it, it just got suffocated under the mountain of lip glosses I own! Even though the gloss is called Summer Cherry and is clearly aimed at being used in summer I do think it's the perfect shade to wear in Autumn... not too bright and not to winter berry like. It's just somewhere in the middle that looks perfect with a nice bronze smokey eye and a cosy scarf.

Barry M Dazzle Dust - Brass (100)
Okay, I will admit I don't love loose eye shadows (I always spill them) which is exactly why I've hardly used this Dazzle Dust. But I do love the shade and of course the pigmentation you get with loose powders/pigments so I need to start using it! Like I mention above, this would make a perfect shade for a bronze smokey eye a la the beautiful Olsen twins.

Models Own Blusher - Warm Glow
 I say I'm not a lover of the blusher but I wear it most days and I have at least 30! Hence why this beautiful blusher doesn't get used enough. No excuses here at this is such a great any time of year blush - perfect with a tan in summer as it has a soft golden undertone to it and equally as pretty in winter with paler skin as it seems to gives the cheeks a healthy flush of colour that sometimes is needed! Think I definitely need to do a bit of rotating of the blushers in my makeup bag and put this in there a-sap!

 Benefit It Stick Concealer 
The reason I haven't been using this for the last year is due to total laziness! Yes... I used it until it needed sharpening and then couldn't be bothered to find/buy a bigger sharpener, how lazy is that?! However I have finally found a double sharpener that was big enough to sharpen it and can't believe I haven't used it for so long just for that reason. So silly, as this is a really nice product. I do have concealers I already love so I use this on the outer corners of my eyes to brighten them and on my eyelids to concealer nasty red veins which also doubles up as a base as the formulation of it is slightly tacky and grabs hold of eyeshadow well I've found. 

NYC Flatliner Eye Pencil - Cobblestone
Again, I shamefully haven't used this in forever as I haven't had the right kind of sharpener for it. But in my defence you do need a specific NYC branded sharpener that is oval shaped... really, how stupid! But seeing as this product was discontinued (I wonder why...) there is no chance of me finding the 'special' sharpener for it! So I've finally resorted to using a knife to sharpen it which does make it look slightly rough around the edges shall we say, but at least I can use it again. Such a lovely deep bronze liner that I'm thoroughly enjoying using again. 

Even though the task of rummaging around my makeup drawer (okay, drawers) was a bit guilt inducing I must admit, it was also pretty therapeutic in the sense of rediscovering products I'd forgotten about but use to totally love. Also think shopping without the lighter purse or the sore feet!

If you have a lot of makeup I highly suggest you try this!

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