Face Mask Friday Returns!


There really is nothing amazing about Face Mask Friday but I thought I'd start it again as I'm trying to look after my skin more before the colder weather hits. Plus lets face it... who doesn't like a 99p face mask from time to time!

Montagne Jeunesse Crushed Raspberry & Mango Fruit Smoothie
Deep Pore cleansing masque
Amazon -£1.59 inc P&P or 99p from Superdrug/Tesco etc
Applying the mask... 
What surprised me with this mask was how thick it was compared to the other Montagne Jeuneseuwiojesse-whatever-you-call-them masks, which was really nice! As for the smell I'd say it definitely smells fruity but a fake kind of fruity... like a low-fat raspberry yogurt, but still nice. Really easy to apply, though I did use way too much as one sachet would easily do two applications - just fold it over and put a peg on the end.

The Results...
This is one of those masks that sets hard... really hard actually. Maybe because it's so thick... hmm. But I was dying to laugh when I tried to have a sip of my drink and found I couldn't even open my mouth enough! Any hows laughing at myself aside, this was a bit of a nightmare to wash off and in the end I ended up using a sponge, again probably because it was so thick. Once washed off my skin felt nice and fresh and actually had a hint of the mango/raspberry scent to it still which was a nice touch. 

The day after my skin was more mattified/oil-free than usual, no greasy sides of the nose or forehead for me! 

Overall a nice mask for the price and something a bit different to try scent and formula wise. 

Hope you all have a nice first weekend of September!

Fee x
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