Part 2: Best of High Street Makeup


Really hope you all enjoyed part 1 containing my favourites from Bourjois, ELF and Rimmel (see here) as I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.
So here is part deux following the same theme...

17 are just one of those brands that are fun and well priced! I love that they are always coming out with new limited edition ranges and also giving us products we need like the first lower priced primer and matte top coat. They are just totally on the ball and that is what makes them so good!

Wild Curls Mascara (9ml/£6.29)
This is my favourite mascara along side YSL Faux Cils mascara which is a pricey £22! This doesn't give as much volume as the Faux Cils mascara does, but it does give incredible results especially if you wiggle it at the base of the lashes and also add a second coat on the out part of the lashes for a really feline look. Is for it's curling claimed I'm not 100% sure it lives upto it however it does give a lovely fanned out effect on the lashes. Also the formula with this is just perfect. The best mascara in the whole 17 range.
Supreme Shine Nail Colour (10ml/£3.99)
If you have a love of super shiny nails that have a gel like finish to them, then this range is for you! The formulation and brush make for a super easy application and a lot of the bolder shade only need one thick coat to be opaque and the pastel shades taking 2/3 coats however. Also the clear Lasting Fix nail polish (£2.99) is another favourite of mine.
The 10-day wear claim is a tad bold but the polishes do last for around 4/5 days before chipping I have found. 

Solo Eye Shadow - (£3.89)
You just need to read the reviews on the Boots website to see that these eye shadows are loved by many. For the price the shade range, texture and finish of these eye shadows are just outstanding. I have so many favourite neutral shimmery shades that I love in this range that really do remind me of Urban Decay eye shadows in texture. The texture really is the most surprising thing about the shadows at they are just so soft and creamy feeling. Again if you have never been tempted by these just have a swatch of a few of the shades when you are next in Boots and you may just be impressed! 


Until the start of this year Maybelline hadn't been on my radar for quite some time, all their products seemed okay but they remained just okay. But suddenly this year Maybelline seem to stepped up their game and brought out some fabulous new products.

Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish 
The Forever Strong range really is my new found love as I just can't get enough of them right now! What I love most about the Forever Strong range is that the formula is strong and actually sets hard once dry. So no perfectly nude nails being ruined by opening a jar or catching them on your keys. Plus the polish actually does make your nails feel stronger whilst wearing it which I really love. Also there are some fab shades in the range from brights to lots of pretty neutrals.
Dream Satin Liquid Foundation (30ml/£8.19) 
I have a feeling I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to describing foundations so you may have to bear with me and maybe not take the follow as fact! This is a medium to full coverage foundation which has a very soft, light feeling to it that is probably best for oily/combination/normal skin as it does tend to look cakey on dry skin. What I love most about this foundation is that it does give a really good even coverage and a slight dewy look to the skin without feeling heavy in the least! The only downside to this foundation is that is does look thick when applied over dry patches, so moisturizing pre-foundation is a must if you have dry/combination skin. But overall this is an understatedly good foundation. 

Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 
Ahhh, the most lovely low end gel liner you will come across! Without going into raptures about this, this is the most amazing gel liner I have tried on the high steet and does rival other more high end eye liners! The liner is opaque, it applies smoothly, dries quick, doesn't dry out in the pot, is the right consistency for a gel liner and the brush that comes with it is also pretty dam decent! The only thing now is for Maybelline to bring out some more shades! 

Natural Collection

Natural Collection 
Natural Collection my first ever dabble with makeup (like many I'm sure)! Granted their packaging is cheap as... but they are a subtle confident brand with decent products that can't be faulted for theor low price. They aren't a brand I rely on as such but nor would my make-up bag be without them when I want a cheap tinted moisturizer that does the job perfectly or a pretty shimmery eyeshadow for in the crease.

  Moisture Shine Lipstick (Boots £1.99)
For £2 you really cannot go wrong with these! As someone with dry lips these are just perfect for me and just the right side of being pigmented but also hydrating. These also come in some lovely, lovely shades like Pink Mallow and Candy Mist. I still have a lot more shades I want to try though as they are such fool proof lipsticks that you can't not like! 
Solo Eye Shadow (£1.79)
I've been purchasing these solo eye shadow for many years now as they are just so soft and pigmented which is what I like! The shimmery eye shadows in the range are my favourite are they have some beautiful shades like Moss Shimmer and Asteroid (above - the swatches really does show how nice they are especially the green shade) however they also do some pretty nice matte shadows with Chocolate Milk springing to mind for being really soft and for being a lovely lid colour. The only thing you do need to watch with these is a bit of fall out but for the price you really can't complain when everything else is so good!
Nail Colour (8ml/£1.89)
I think this swatch of Hibiscus (here) just shows what you can expect from this £1.89 line of nail polishes. From all the shades I have tried in the past they have all given even application with no glopping and always pretty opaque in finish. Just lovely cheap nail polishes that don't feel cheap by being on the thin side which is what I really like and also that they are nice and shiny!

Make sure to watch out for part three next week! I'm thinking Collection 2000, N07 and something else! 

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