Aboard the Crackle Train... CHOO CHOO!

17 crackle polish

How late am I to this party?!
I'm actually a bit ashamed to call myself Makeup Savvy right now! Okay, maybe not... but I do seem to be the last person to try out crackle nails.

Though I do have a valid reason for holding off trying crackle nail polish for so long. It was mainly because I didn't think I'd like the look of it on my nails. Especially then only the black crackle nail polish was around, it just seemed too harsh and a bit garish for my liking. 

However in the past few months more and more shades have been brought out by many high and low end brands, so I thought it was worth a try to see if I did in fact hate it as much as I thought I would!


My crackle nail polish of choice is the Boots 17 Nail Xtras Crackle Top Coat (10ml/£3.99) which is quite an inoffensive shade in the bottle, thought kind of hard to say what shade it actually is!

I first tried it over Gosh Gasoline (£4.99) which gave me the results I was kind of expecting, though I did expect it to be a little less matte and more on the shiny side. As for application, very similar to apply any normal nail polish except for the crackle as soon as it starts to dry of course!


Next up I tried the 17 Crackle Top Coat over George Magical (5ml/£1.50) which I have to say I didn't like. Just a clashy combination that I'm sure a 10 year old would absolutely love, but sadly not I. 

Application again was super easy and fool proof (which is great if you want a bit of nail art but don't even want to attempt at doing it) however my index finger did go wrong somehow and only did one big ol' crackle down the middle, hmm! I'd say the finish does put me off however my favourite 17 Top coat sorts that out instantly. Also the shade is a little too un-metallic if that makes any sense, it's like the colour have been sapped out of it - it's not silver and it's not gold either, just a bit of an odd shade. 

Overall do I love crackle nails? No. 
But I can see why so many people enjoy crackle nail polish. It's easy, it's fun to use, it makes your nails look interesting within seconds and it's definitely different. 

So sadly this nail polish will be going to my five year old neice who can marvel at the magic of the crackle process!

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