An Ode to Gold - 24K Gold Leaf Manicure for £3!


Arghh no, not another nail post?!
Just a quick one today before I post up the tutorial for it in a few days as this is definitely one I want to share with you all. 

Now I'd say my 24 karat gold nails blend in quite well with the J'Adore bottle and the new ad which is very gold indeed, however the gold leaf for my manicure cost me exactly £3.00!

second pic

Which is amazingly cheap!! But if I considered how little I used , it actually cost me around 15p to create this manicure! Of course the gold leaf isn't actual real gold but definitely looks the part. I purchased around 10 small very thin sheets from Ebay - here is a similar listing.

I did attempt to put the gold leaf into a clear top coat a la Rococo's Gold Leaf Lacquer which is a pricey £25 - here! However the gold leaf turned green within an hour of being in the polish! So I placed the gold leaf on to my nails with a pair of tweezers... but I still think a tutorial would be fun even though it's super easy and very cheap! 

This really does look amazing on the nails and literally glows like real gold when it catches the light and just looks so professional. 

As for the ease of this manicure I would say it's just time you need with zero skill!

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