A Definite Ramble.


As the title suggests this is 100% going to be a ramble post so you have been warned! Though it does include nice things like Autumn clothing as I've finally embraced the idea of wearing black tights again and boots!

So as you may or may not know if you follow me on Twitter... last night I spent four hours in A&E after being bitten on the hand by a dog, through a letterbox whilst delivering flyers for my fiances business (what-a-long-sentence!). But as dog bites tend to go I very lucky though it was painful at the time. I just need to take antibiotics for a week to prevent any infection from the dogs saliva, ergh! But it also means I'm currently having to type with one hand so this post is bound to take me three hours instead of one!

Top row - Rocketdog Slush High Shearling Boots (Asos £28.00 from £50), Asos Stripe Perspex Double Bow Alice Band (£2.00), Therapy Pleated Skirt Black (House of Fraser £10.00 from £35) Bottom row - Oasis Oriental Soft Printed Jacket (House of Fraser £15 from £45), Therapy Ladder Stitch Cardigan (House of Fraser £10 from £35), Asos Temper Pleated Shoe Boots (£36.00).
However it has meant I've spent the day doing pretty much nothing other than reading my new book (The Carrie Diaries) and doing a bit of shopping online for some more weather appropriate clothing - see above!

Also prior to the dog/letterbox incident yesterday, I went to visit my dad and his new wife who have just come back from their honeymoon in Dubai and bought me a lovely Jimmy Choo Sky bag which is actually make me wish the leaves would start to fall already as the bag is just perfect for Autumn and I love the colour of the leather. 


I've also been flicking through all the Autumn editorials today wondering what style of winter coat I should buy as I've worn my winter coat for 3 winters now and definitely need to treat myself to a new one when I visit the Trafford Centre next. 

What else, what else? Oh, I'm also in the process of making my blog/site look a bit nicer which is no easy task as I seem to develop brain ache as soon as I look at HTML. Though as you may have noticed I do have a new header which I've very proud of as it's more sharp and I do really like the font... so I think I'm going to use it as the column font as well. I'm also going to try to create a tab bar.. is that what it's called? For separate pages I'm going to add, like a Nail Swatch Gallery and an About Me section.

So hopefully normal posts will be back soon once I've got bored of doing nothing and also fingers crossed a more sleeker looking blog! 

Fee xx
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