Spotting the Fakes! - I NEED Your Help MAC, Nars & Benefit Lovers!


For the past 5 or 6 months I have been planning on writing an E-book (a free one of course) on How-to spot fake makeup products!

This is something that I feel really passionate about as I hate, hate, hate seeing people online getting ripped off and even put in danger by purchasing untested fake beauty products. 
The E-book of course will be well researched and show a lot of visual comparisons, which is where you come in! Even though I do own my fair share of products by Mac, Nars, Bobbie Brown, Benefit etc I haven't got every product which of course means I can't photograph everything I need for the E-book. 

So I would LOVE if you want to take some images or have some already to share them with me via e-mail and if they go into the E-book I will make sure to link back to your blog in the book. 


What I'm looking for

Basically as many images of as many products as possible... so any genuine Mac MSFs, e/s, Lipsticks, Nars Duos, Benefit sets, Bobbi Brown products etc (really any product is great).

However even though a full image of a product would be great I am also looking for close ups of the backs/bottoms of products - so the part with all the info on and of course there is no need to re-size them as the bigger the image the better! Also close detail of the packaging would be great - labels and shade name stickers etc. So would really love if they are quite high quality (with macro for close ups)

There is no deadline as such just e-mail me any pics you have to - 

If I use your images I will let you know and of course include your blog link in the E-book.

I really hope some of you can help me out with this as I am so so sick of all the counterfeit products that are around and that is not just on eBay! 

If you have any questions please just leave them below and I will reply back to you, thanks! 

Fee x

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