NOTD - Gosh Neon Baby & "Touch Up" Concealer!


There is nothing more annoying for me than painting my nails and loving the shade so much that I instantly grab my camera and then when I do the shade looks different through the lens! 

I have a feeling it happens when polishes have a blue undertone (not entirely sure though) but at least this pink isn't too dissimilar from the actually shade of it in real life. I once tried to photograph a lovely purple from M&S and it looked cobalt blue! 

Anyway, so just bear in mind the shade isn't exact... it's actually more of a hot pink/fuchsia shade.


I purchased this last week in Superdrug for only £2.50 (R.R.P £5.00) as Neon Baby and three other shades are Limited Edition for summer and we are sadly nearly coming to the end of summer (seriously the UK is turning into Narnia).

To be honest Neon Baby didn't stand out to me at all as I do have quite a lot of pinks already however on the nails this looks hot... and I don't normally think this! Now my skin is pretty pale (more warm pale than ghost pale if that makes sense) but this polish actually makes my skin looked tanned! It is slightly crazy but I'd thinking it's because it's more of a warm neon shade that is really vibrant but not cool looking against the skin... am I making any sense? 

Anyway I really love it! Plus the application is pretty flawless - the above images are with two coats however I could of gotten away with just a single coat which is great when you are in a rush. It also has more of a gel look to it  (similar to 17 polishes) which looks and feels great on the nails and so far it has last 3 days without chipping.

I also picked up the Gosh Touch Up Concealer in shade 1 (4ml/£5.00) as I've heard only good things about it...


...And if I am honest it is rivaling the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19 here) for under the eye as it is slightly more creamy and opaque! However Lasting Perfection is better on blemishes. 

 But it definitely is a high quality liquid concealer for the high street this is for sure!

I am finding I love Gosh more and more, especially in the last two years. It just seems like they have upped their game and really have some great products now - my next buy with be their waterproof eyeshadow sticks I think! 

Would love recommendations though if you have any!

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