What about us! Don't we get a Magazine?


There are fashion magazines, there are wedding magazines, there are even magazine solely on kitchen design, pets and how to make dolls house furniture! But what about a beauty magazine for the millions of beauty obsessed women in the UK! 

It came to me last week whilst reading the new issue of Elle (which I don't love that much if I'm honest) it's mainly a fashion magazine as I'm sure you all know with different categories towards the back - Food, Travel, Beauty, Films, Health & Fitness. All of which have magazines dedicated to them already, except for beauty!

But I really cannot figure out why this is! I mean there are at least five hair magazines on the market but the closest we have to an actual beauty magazine is the free Health & Beauty magazine from Boots - which if we are honest is just a glorified catalogue of products that you can purchase in-store with the odd interview and handy tip thrown in for good measure.

I did a bit of research and found that Vogue actually have a Beauty magazine... in Japan. I'm not too sure about the USA, maybe my US readers can enlighten me? 
Other countries aside I just want a beauty magazine! Yes even a £3.90 magazine it that's what it takes; dedicated to makeup and skincare containing interviews with makeup artists, models and celebrities and in depth reviews of the latest products - not just 10 word snippets from the a beauty editor on what's hot this month. It's just not enough.

The more I think about it the more I am convinced it would make for such a good magazine - basically the best beauty blog with all the things that make it amazing plus more, but in print!

What would it be called? Makeup Savvy. No, only joking of course! I would personally love to see Red bringing out the beauty magazine and simply called it Red Beauty as I just love the laid back approach the magazine has and the beautiful photo shoots it does - just so creative. I think the last four December Christmas editions of Red magazine stored in my wardrobe says just how much I love the magazine.

I really wouldn't care who published it as long as it filled the beauty void that I think the magazine shelves are missing and us as beauty loving consumers!

So take note - Conde Nast, Hachette Filipacchi and Hearst Communications we NEED a beauty magazine!

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