May Favourites 2011

May favourites

There are three reasons why I love favourites posts 1. I get to line everything up and make it all look pretty. 2. I also get to talk about a million product all in one go 3. It makes me feel like it's still the month before... because I'm really not believing that half the year has passed already!

So the month of May for me has definitely been a month of makeup which made it so easy when it came to picking out my favourites as I knew exactly what to reach for. I haven't included any skincare as I've been sticking to the same old routine of using the Boots Botanics Facial brush with either a SLS-free foaming cleanser or a cream cleanser which always works wonders for keeping spots and whiteheads at bay!

Bronzer & Blush 

Cream blush

All swatch from top to bottom in order of reviews.

The Balm Hot Mama Blusher - £15.00
The full price of this is £15 however I got this at a steal for a mere £2 at TK Maxx and I think I love it so much because I got it at such a bargain. Though based on how much I love it I think I'd re-purchase this again at £10 max as I do think the Balm is on the over priced side. The blush itself is a never pigmented, long lasting shimmering rose gold blush that looks perfect with a tan along the upper part of the cheek to really highlight the cheek bone. This is a definite product to wear of hot balmy nights out in summer!

Bourjois Bronzing Powder #51 - £6.99
I've mentioned this so many times now but it's such a good bronzer and the best I've found to date on the high street! The quality, texture and shade definitely reminds me more of a higher end bronzer from maybe the likes of Dior or Chanel. The bronzer comes in two shades from what I have seen - the one above being medium #51 which is great for really pale to medium skin tones and then shade #52 would make a perfect bronze/contour for more olive or tanned skin. The product does have the odd fleck of shimmer in it but it literally is the odd fleck which definitely doesn't translate onto the skin. Overall the best matte bronzer I have! 

Topshop Blush in Neon Rose - £6.00
I think I love this product so much because of the texture, I just love how it's a silky cream to the touch but instantly turns into a powder formula when blended, which means it really stays put! I find the best way to apply it as it's a cream is to I just use a fingertip to dot a touch of the pretty pink coral blush on to the cheeks and then blend and it's just the perfect amount to pull summer makeup together. This is a definite one to try if you haven't already.

Stila Convertible Colour in Lillium - £13.50 
Oh how I have loved using this, this month! It's a slightly odd product as the formula isn't what I am use to as it's quite a thick tacky cream product however I think that's what makes it last so so long on both the cheeks and lips so I'm not complaining. However this product does need some serious blending on the cheeks to remove that tacky feeling. Though I have been mainly using it on the lips as the shade just looks great I've found and due to the tackiness of the product it lasts through drinking which I love! 


foundation and concealer

Biotherm SOS Concealer - £13.28
I mentioned purchasing this product a while back and explained how I was only using it on blemishes as I found using it as a base turned me into an ashy green tinted monster! However I persevered and have now cracked how to use it as a base in the areas that I have slightly red skin (around my nose and chin). Which is actually by dotting some of the product onto a good foundation brush and really working it into completely bare skin and I've found it makes a huge difference without any of the green tint I was experiencing when applying it with my fingers. This is just such a good green based concealer to counteract redness in the face or on blemishes.

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation - £12.99
This has been one of my favourite foundations for a long time now, I have strayed with Max Factor's Weightless foundation which I really did like a lot (quite gel like and neutral/pink toned) however my skin tone being normally quite light with pink undertones does warrant a more yellow based foundation which this definitely is. The foundation is the perfect consistency for me - quite thin and light so blends out perfectly. But what I love most of all is the flawless 'second skin' you can achieve with this. Just a really good high quality high street foundation that I will be re-purchasing for many more years!

No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick - £8.00
When ever the No7 £5 vouchers are around I always make sure to pick up at least two of these in the the first few shades, so that I have some as back ups and also one in my bag in case a nasty spot appears from nowhere during the day! The formulation really suits combination to oily skin perfectly as the product applies at a cream concealer but turns into a powder on blending and soaks up any excess oily so great for applying on blemishes.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19
This is another concealer I really couldn't be without. It again like the Bourjois bronzing powder reminds me of a much more high end product due to the quality of it. I would say this is the best coverage I've found in any concealer on the high street and will cover up even the darkest of under eye circles. However the one down side is the shade range it is just so limited with only 4 different shades - so not much choice at all. But if you can find a shade that matches your own skin colour you will love this product.

Sigma Tapered Blending Brush E40 - $9.00 
When I first got this I used at it's intended as an eyeshadow blending brush however I really can't say I loved it. Yes, it blending perfectly but it was just too large for my eye so I was almost over blending and wasn't just blending out the contouring in my socket but more my entire lid. So I gave up and didn't use it for a week or so. But then I decided to wash it and see how it blending out the Collection 2000 concealer (above) under my eyes and I can literally say I was amazed. Maybe amazed as I've never used a blending brush with concealer before but never the less I was very impressed. The size of the brush is no longer an issue and it literally blending out concealer to a flawless finish. Really do love this brush a lot now!


naked palette gel liner

Elf Cream eyeliner in Coffee - £3.50
I'm going to put it out there and admit I find ELF products very hit and miss. But never the less I placed quite a large order around three weeks ago and made sure to do my homework prior to placing the order, reading lots of reviews and I have to say I have been quite impressed with most of the products so far, this being one of them. I've been wanting a medium brown gel liner for quite some time now however as I'm sure you will know they seem to be pretty scarce on the high street so I'm more than glad I have this now. The liner is on the soft side which isn't what I'm use to but it still glides on nicely and really does stay put all day which is all I need! 
A practical everyday gel liner that I can't fault.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner - £7.99
This really needs to come in more shades already (why is the UK the last to receive anything?). This really is such a good pigmented, long lasting gel liner that glides on with such ease. It can create the most perfect flick that will stay put all day and not wear or it can be applied to the base of the lashes and smudged out for a great smokey look. This also lasts really well on the waterline! Perfect, perfect, perfect! Oh, and the brush that is included with the liner is pretty good also.

No7 Metallic pencil in Khaki - £7.75
Oh how surprised I was with the prettiness of this product! The shade is such a lovely olive shade with the perfect amount of shimmer. I've found the best way to wear this is to apply it near the base of the upper lashes and then blend out then re-apply at the base of the lashes again to give more depth. The consistency of this is very similar to the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils so wears down quite fast but unlike the UD ones it isn't too creamy! The whole range of shades are equally as beauty so if you are stuck as to what to spend a No7 £5 voucher on then have a swatch of these.

Urban Decay Naked Palette - £32.00
This has been a favourite of mine since I bought it last year so it only felt right to include in my favourites again. I have yet to get bored of it and to be honest I will be very surprised if I ever do. The shade range is perfect for anyone that loves neutral shimmery eye shadows and are just so pigmented and buttery. I could ramble about this all day long but I will spare you and just say this is now my most favourite makeup purchase EVER. 

paul and joe makeup bag

Last but not least I had to include my new Paul & Joe cosmetic bag which I've only had for a week but really do love already! I am more than picky when it comes to makeup bags as I figure I will be seeing it daily as it should last a few years at least so it has to be right. Though finding the right one was a hard task but I did it!

The makeup bag was from Paul & Joe's collection last year so I had to purchase it from eBay (therefore it may or may not be fake, but I can't say I care really). It definitely fits in all my everyday makeup and has a nice little pouch in the lid to store extras like tweezers and cotton buds. It also came with a smaller pencil case like bag which is very handy for keeping in my handbag for makeup touch ups!

Jeez, that was a lot of products! I think I need to go lie down now...

Feel free to tell me your favourite products of the month or link me to any posts!

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