The Body Shop Honey & Oat Scrub Mask Review


Have you ever purchased something with the inkling that it wouldn't be right for your skin type? But still went ahead because you loved the look of the product or even the smell. Well that's exactly what I did with The Body Shop Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask - I ordered it knowing full well it would be too hydrating for my normally slightly oily skin but it sounded like the ideal ingredients and I knew it would smell damn good!

Now I wouldn't say it was a total waste as I'm still using it in various ways so it doesn't hydrate my skin too much, but if I use it as a scrub and leave it on for the recommended 10 minutes, my skin does feel a bit more oily the next day. However I thought I would still review it as I know this would be great for it's suggested market - people with normal to dry skin. As it's a great non-harsh moisturizing mask that leaves the skin hydrated but not at all greasy or sticky feeling afterwards.

The scrub/mask costs £8.00 for 100ml and texture wise it's quite a soft wet consistency with small flakes of oats in. As for the smell, oh my how good this smells, it's oaty, rich and smells of marzipan! Just amazing and so nice to breath in as you apply it to slightly damp skin.

Oat Honey Face Scrub

I'd say amount wise you do need very little as this spreads over the face with ease and it's a mask that doesn't set, so there is no tight feeling. Once applied to the face to get the most out of the mask I would lightly rub the oats into the skin and then leave for 5 - 10 minutes. If you have really dry skin I would suggest using this mid-shower whilst the room is full of steam and your pores are open to get the maximum benefits. Then just before rinsing I would again just rub in the mask a bit more to really exfoliate the skin. 

Once the mask is washed off it leaves the skin feeling plump and fresh, with no residue left behind. I'd say the effects of the mask are more noticeable the day after with the skin feeling like it has been really moisturized and exfoliated. 

Overall this is a really lovely mask for anyone with normal, dry or combination dry skin. It smells amazing, feels lovely and does what it says! So you can't go wrong. Would really love to see a Honey & Oat Body Scrub brought out now though! 

I've also been loving the Satsuma soap  by The Body Shop...

Satsuma soap TBS

I bought this because it was cheap (£2.00) and sulfate free - which is a very rare combination. But this is actually some good soap! It's worth noting it is a glycerin based soap, so more slippy, translucent and glycerin like, basically! But it you don't mind that then this is a great soap to have next to the sink in summer, it just smells so great. Also really nice for in the shower and even for the face on the odd lazy day.

I also bought the Wild Cherry soap from the same range and I have to say the scent is a bit of a let down compared to the strength in smell of the Satsuma one. But it really is worth having a look and a sniff of the soap range if you are ever in The Body Shop. 

All in all after not buying from The Body Shop for many years due to reasons I won't get into right now, I have been impressed! I still think they are over priced slightly on certain items but from the products I've recently tried I really cannot complain! 

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