When Life Gives You Lemons...


...find the nearest child with a paper cut! 

Oh that's terrible isn't it! But that's how my week has gone so far... stuff the Lemonade I say! 
I won't bore you with all my woes but normally if things are abit rubbish there's always blogging, but this week my Internet when down for the 3rd time this year and serious I was at a loss!

Well I say at at a loss, but I actually I managed to switch my winter wardrobe for spring/summer clothes, sort out quite alot of makeup and organize upcoming posts a bit better!


All pretty boring things that I'd been putting off really! 

I did also start enjoying afew new products as well - especially the new Sleek palette (hate Bellini though) which is perfect for summer and actually discovered my Neom Multi balm took off eye makeup perfectly. I also seem to be wedding crazy at the moment even though my own isn't for a full year yet. But afew friends and family are planning weddings in the summer and with writing my Wedding Makeup series I just seem to have it on the brain at the moment!

As for what's coming up on Makeup Savvy - I'm definitely going to try and be more organized and finish off the S/S Nail Art Tutorials and hopefully do a nice giveaway at the end of my Wedding Makeup series for any brides-to -be!

Just get back into the swing of things and start posting daily, again.

Of course hope you're all okay and enjoying the beautiful spring weather! 

Fee xo.


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