Little Pots of Goodness!


It may sound a bit crazy but I love little pots of makeup! It can be anything really, as everything that I've bought that comes in a pot I've really loved. 
If I'm being logical I'd have to say it's something to do with the type of product that needs to be stored in a pot - for example the consistency of the Rimmel Colour Mousse is so jelly-like that it couldn't be stored in anything other than a air tight pot and stay as fresh feeling!

I have a feeling this won't make much sense but I just feel the consistency of products that come in pots are just 'better' and the pigments are always so strong (if you want proof just take a look at the swatches at the bottom)! 


So seeing as this is a pretty nothing type post I thought I'd go through why I love all the products above - 

Neom Organic Multi Balm 14g (£12 as part of set) - It may be sad but I love organic products just because I know I put so many bad chemicals in my body daily but I love organic products even more when they don't look and smell all 'organic' and mother earth-ish! The heavy glass pot is classed as a multi balm for a reason and I just keep finding different ways of using it almost weekly. I now use it as a lip balm, cuticle oil, on dry skin,  for nasty little burns and I've also just realized it's perfect for removing eye makeup without that stingy effect that can happen with other cleansers. It's also lasting so well due to the consistency! 

Rimmel Colour Mousse (swatch below) £4.10 at Argos (yes, Argos!) - I've talked about this many times so I will keep it short & sweet. I've had this little pot for way over a year now and it's exactly the same pigmentation and texture as when I first purchased it. Just so 'fresh' feeling and amazing - plus I can't even see that I've used any, it's crazy as I use this product weekly! 
Just ordered three more from the range so I'll be sure to put up a review with swatches in the next month or so. 

Maybelline Drama Liner (swatch below) £7.99 at Boots - This is now the only gel liner I use as I just cannot fault it. It just stays and lasts all day and is so opaque. But most of all it doesn't dry out and becomes hard to work with, which has to be down to the little glass pot again! Keeping it fresh and just as perfect as when I bought it. The brush that comes with it is also pretty damn good! 
Amazing value for money - this is literally high street makeup at it's best along with the Sleek palettes and Rimmel Eye Mousse Eyeshadows!


Models Own Lip gloss in Fuschia-full (swatch above) £6 at Boots - Another product that doesn't look like I even use it that much! As you can see from the above swatch the pigment of this is just amazing and perfect for when you want colour but have dry lips that can't even handle a lustre lipstick! Just really moisturizing and glossy and pink! Perfect stuff. 

Origins GinZing  (R.R.P £20) £12 as part of set at Boots - I have been converted! I'll probably never try another eye cream for years as this just does the job that I never though it would or even could! So there is definitely no point in getting obsessed and trying all different eye creams. 
Again love how the ingredients feel fresh and kind of active especially as the ginger in it does have a zingy feeling. 

So even though it sounded crazy, there clearly is method to my madness .
 Would love to know if any of you feel the same about products that come in pots!  

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