Snowberry, Origins, DHC, Liz Earle and more!

Over the last year of blogging and reading blogs I really think I've learnt so much more about skincare in general, that I now rarely dislike the skincare products I buy... makeup on the other hand is a slightly different story as shades and textures can be quite hit and miss at times.

I'm now slightly less savvy with my spending as a result (though I look at it as being more savvy in a way). I now spend that bit more on skincare products I like the sound of and save on makeup products and basics. Of course I always try to get products on offer or samples firstly though!

So here are some slightly more expensive recent purchases that I'm really loving!

Biotherm Biosensitive SOS Anti - Redness Concealer 15ml
Due to having a £5 off voucher for Biotherm I thought I'd use it to have one last attempt at the whole green counteracts red concealer malarkey - which has always resulted in me looking a tad Hulk like.
My first two applications went totally wrong - I firstly applied what I thought was a normal amount to my blemishes, which was actually way too much and resulted in them areas looking slightly green under foundation. The next day as recommended on the back of the box I used it as a makeup base - a total no-no, a little or a lot it just doesn't work. It's definitely not a makeup base...that's all I can say. 
After seeing the error of my ways I decided to use the smallest of amounts and by that I mean just touching the product onto my index finger and then applying the residue onto maybe four blemishes/red marks. Which is when I fell in love with the product and also thought it was 100% worth it's price and more, as at this rate it will literally last me years! 
Since then I've been using it daily, around my nose, on the outer corners of my eyes, on blemishes and to reduce the flushed look my skin gets just under my cheeks. 
This has really stopped me stressing over the red areas on my face in the morning and using multiple layers of makeup to try and cover it up. 

Highly, highly recommend this for anyone wanting to remove the redness out of spots,concealing broken capillaries or redness around the mouth and nose.

Snowberry Instant Deep Cleanser 15ml 
This is a totally new type of cleanser for me (I love my cream cleansers) and I have to say, personally it feels like such an alien but it just works amazingly! I mean it's essentially a strange smelling orange oil that you massage into the skin... but somehow it instantly dissolves all makeup without needing a muslin cloth to thoroughly cleanse, all you need is warm water to remove the oil. It also doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy nor stripped, just ultra soft and clean! 
It's basically a miracle cleanser that I'm getting way to in love with! Though I have told myself if it does last quite a long time (as you only need two drops) then I may treat myself to the 50ml £46 size with my birthday money in May. See that is actually how much I love it... Actually considering spending nearly £50 on a single cleanser!! I must be crazy or just after good skin.

I'm just so so impressed with the results and how organic it is and basically how it doesn't alter the balance of my skin yet removes all the makeup from my pores in an instant. 

Amazing stuff! 

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle 200ml
Firstly even though I get the hype of this product and can understand why it's always out of stock in most Boots stores I do think it's actually a hard product to get right. Which explains why some people just don't get the hype and think it's a pretty useless product!
I think the key to using this correctly is using it quite sparingly at the roots under the hair you want to look volumized. Also letting it fully dry then rubbing it seems to give the best results. Though I actually like to spray it in and then use the hairdryer on cold to give even more lift then smooth the hair down over it. 
A really fab product that definitely gives great lift that lasts all day if used in the right way!

Liz Earle Cleanser & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml 
Prices from £5.10 for 30ml 
I've been using the N07 Hot Cloth Cleanser for over a year now and love all it's qualities except for that there are too many ingredients that aren't the best and I feel it sometimes hydrates the skin too much especially when it's going through a really oily faze. So I was hoping the more natural Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser would fill them gaps and thankfully it did! 
Of course any cleanser isn't on the skin for that long so it can't do alot in the time it has but I think the texture and feel of the skin after cleansing can say alot and this definitely leaves my skin more matte and fresh - which tells me it's more suited to my temperamental skin. 
I also feel like it's being slightly kinder to my skin, though I do wish it was as thick and creamy as the No7 cleanser. 

To be really honest though I do like both just as much for totally different reasons - so will be continuing to re-purchase the No7 Cleanser when the No7 £5 vouchers are about and the Liz Earle Cleanser as a treat and for holidays.  
The Swatches 

DHC Velvet Skin Coat 15g
DHC (£14.50) 
If you a wondering about the sample sachets - I decided to purchase them off eBay as I know how primers can be so hit and miss with different skin types. Which actually meant I got an amazing deal - 22g of product for only £5! Though I will definitely be buying the full size tube when I eventually run out. 
The product really has amazed me, it's a silicone based primer so it designed to smooth over pores and fine lines which is exactly what it does! I will definitely have to do another review of this and show some before and after pictures of how well the product actually works, the results really are visible. 
This has to be the best primer I've tried especially for hiding smaller pores and reducing the appearance of larger pores. Plus it seems to really make my face alot smooth looking and just so soft!

Really brilliant!
Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream 15ml
Boots (£20.43) 
Another product that I don't know how I have done without for so long! At nearly 23 I don't really believe I need an eye cream to reduce the ageing process just yet but I did think a cream just for that area could help plump up the skin and also reduce the appearance of the shallow-ness I've started to develop from my lack of sleep and odd sleeping hours! 
Not only do I enjoy applying the cream to the eye area each morning to wake my eyes up but I really do like how it has a slight sheen that reflects the light around the eye making my face instantly look more awake and 'with it'! 
Overall I'm very pleased as I feel it's doing more than just hydrating the skin in that area!

I really feel like the more I learn about skincare the more right choices I make about my own skin and fingers crossed my skin can only get better with the lovely products I'm currently using! 

What's your current star skincare product?  



  1. thank u for this post! :) I love Liz Earle CLeanse&Polish, I've just placed an order to stock up! :D

  2. I really like the Origins eye cream too! Thanks for alerting me to that Boots deal :) I quite like the mascara too, it's held the curl longer than the mascara I was using before! x

  3. I heard horrendous things about Backcomb in a Bottle, but as evidenced by your post people just are not using it right! I may give it ago, and perhaps follow the instructions :D

    Emma x

  4. Great post :) Think I'm going to try the Biotherm concealer out


  5. I'm quite partial to an oil cleanser. That snowberry one sounds actually amazing. I've been wanting to use a shu umera one for a while.
    Origins is currently one of my favourite things at the mo. Completes my life xo

  6. I love the dhc primer too its the best one ive tried so far x

  7. They used to sell Biotherm in the u.s, but not anymore - bum-mer. I loved sooo many of their products!
    xo Emily

  8. I like the sound of the Snowberry cleanser, although I've never seen the brand before!

    & I'm going to have to try your method with Backcomb in a Bottle. I didn't think it did too much for me, so I'm hoping I'll get better results!

  9. great post, and i definitely know what you mean, investing more in skincare and all. i really want to try liz earle items but i don't believe its available in canada in stores, so may have to take a look online, and yay another good review about the origins eyecream, i definitely have to pick that up now! x
    btw sweetie, i'm doing a mac giveaway at my blog, so you should check it out:

  10. i've been wanting liz earle's cleanse & polish ever since i heard about it. i'm pretty hesitant about buying skincare products i've yet to try online, but since i haven't read a single bad review on it, i think this will probably be a hit for me :)

  11. ooh I should try the DHC primer- thanks for sharing! :D

  12. Fab post, like the sound of the Biotherm concealer x

  13. I absolutely LOVE the velvet skin coat. I am currently using Bare Escentuals Prime Time which feels very much like DHC's product. I guess it's the lesser of two evils, since it appears that BEs has less of the bad ingredients. Might just be my attempt a rationalization though. It is nice to be able to pick it up in the store without having it shipped. Def going to try the biotherm, I need it!


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