National No Makeup Day...

...Was yesterday. Did you miss it? Yes, so did I. 
Am I that, not at all! 

In fact the whole idea of having a non makeup day actually annoys me and it's not even because I love makeup and wear it almost daily.
It's the fact that in this day and age we are finally excepting all different types of people, all different situations and after hundreds of years finally not judging, and I think it's such a great thing but something that sadly has been a long time coming. 

So why, even if it's just for one day decide to restrict a huge group of people that aren't harming anymore and offending anyone, but are in fact showing off who they are through makeup (ok, slightly over the top but you know what I mean). 
There isn't a 'No Carbs Day' or a 'No High Heels Day' because it would be pointless, as is a 'No Makeup Day' it doesn't help the dying people around the world or ease the suffering of those in Japan... it's just pointless.

What also annoys me are the statistics that go along side this No Makeup Day. Statistics such as "80% of men prefer their partners without make-up, all though only 10% of women believe them!"
Firstly how old fashioned is the idea that woman want to please there man (sure we all do, but in a much more equal way than in the 40's). Secondly I'm sure my boyfriend prefers me without makeup (or thinks he does) but I also prefer him to remember to put the toilet seat down...
It's swings and roundabouts and at the end of the day silly little things like that don't make (or break) a relationship.

I just really don't think the anchor of the campaign should be what men think of makeup - as makeup it there to enhance beauty and confidence. 
Why not center the campaign about feeling empowered and even brave enough that you can go without any makeup for the day and ummm, maybe even link it to a charity!  Or even a campaign to reassure women that with or without makeup you can still see yourself as beautiful and even show afew celebrities without makeup to show that just because they are makeup free doesn't stop them being strong, powerful women.

I'm really not one for calling things at all, as I just don't like being negative, but I feel the whole 'No Make-Up Day' is negative. It's suggesting wearing makeup is wrong or unnecessary and to be honest it's personal choice. Also why spend money on a pointless campaign and not do it for charity... I just don't get that. 

Ok, rant over! 

Please, please tell me how you all feel about the idea of going without makeup for a day for no reason. Is it pointless? Do they have point?

Fee x

PS. Hope you all have a glorious weekend wearing as little or as much makeup as you desire!



  1. Love this although I don't 100% agree. I read into this differently. You mentioned how we are in an age of more open acceptance, well sometimes I think people often hide behind make up and no make up day I suppose is as if we are accepting it in some way?
    However I totally agree that this has NOTHING to do with Japan and yes the fact they base it on men when actually statistics show women look good for themselves is ridiculous Lol! I actually forgot about it and joined in without realising.

    Love J.
    P.S The raging feminist inside me got pretty rattled up reading this Lol!

  2. When you put it like you have I can see the cons to the idea.
    I mean, its no like it necessary to be honest, I mean, w emanated to miss it, however your right, it is trivial and it wont save the situation of Japan or New Zealand or Libya right now, but neither will beauy blogging I guess. Everything is artificial and trivial until disaster strikes.
    Why can we have a help japan day?
    Or hour?
    Everything bought within that hour, all the money will go to charity or the japanese red cross, if we did one hour once a month, all around the world, who knows what the world would be like? A better place.
    Izzy x

  3. i totally missed it, but that's ok coz i went without makeup anyway :p.

    i see where you're coming from. and what about us who don't have boyfriends? what reason would they give me to go without makeup?

    anyway, if were to form a "no makeup day," in order to get women on board, i would focus instead on self esteem; especially for young girls & maybe even women who are struggling with feeling beautiful without the use of an endless amount of products. yes, for us, it's all in good fun. but for others, it isn't. and if this campaign were focused a bit like the dove campaigns are instead of "your boyfriend prefers it," then i'd happily jump on board :).

  4. I agree with you completely, and I have thought several times to do a post about my thoughts. When I first started wearing and enjoying makeup, I would feel self conscious and almost as if I had to hide the fact that I loved it. After a while I realized that it doesn't matter what other people think, because I know for a fact that I wear makeup purely for my own enjoyment and that it has become a hobby that I really love and keeps me happy.

    I think having a national no-makeup day only strengthens the stigma against girls who wear makeup, which is completely unnecessary as it is a personal choice.

    Great post!

  5. Hmmm! Ironiccaly, yesterday was actually one of the few days I wore makeup this week!

    I really like makeup, but I go without a few days of the week, because I don't have time to do it. My office is pretty much relaxed, and if I know I'm going to meet people that day, I make the effort. I also like the idea of going bare sometimes because at one point (that was almost 10 years ago!) I couldnt stare seeing me without makeup and was wearing it at the manly factory I was working at. At some point I accepted how I look without makeup. Although I prefer with, especially eyeliner and mascara! They make such a difference!

    On another side, I like to go bare, just to give my skin some room to breath.

    Am I missing something though, as I don't think there is any stigma attached to girls wearing makeup... I certainly never got that feeling personally anyway!

  6. I've never heard of such a thing in my life and wouldn't have observed it even if I'd have known about it. What a load of twoddle.

    I wear makeup daily, always have always will and I still manage not to look caked, just a much easier on the eye version of myself.

    Why should I cause myself any upset by presenting my pale with red splodges face to the world without evening my skin tone out to a more normal shade?

    The only response I would have got for doing that is 'are you ill, you look deathly'.

  7. I like that you offer and alternative purpose to the no makeup day. They should really promote the day as a mode of empowerment and then find a way to donate to a charity that helps women with self-esteem and personal issues. The people who created this special day shouldn't just assume that people will take that message away from the event.

    Great job with this one!

  8. I completely agree with you, they make it sound as if wearing makeup is a bad thing and through taking it off you're beating an addiction or something. Makeup is a way for people to cheat the little imperfections they have and to make them feel a bit more comfortable with them, giving someone the ability to make themselves feel even a little bit happier about the way they look without undertaking any drastic measure's is a good thing not a bad one! They don't have a day dedicated to not wearing fashionable clothes to make women feel more confident in themselves because that would be pointless just like this day is, or at least their angle on the day xx

  9. I definitely do NOT like going out of the house without makeup. And I don't think I should have to!!! I enjoy wearing make-up, just like I like wearing a bra when I leave the house! I'm glad you ranted about this!
    xo Emily!

  10. I go without makeup all the time at work because I would stand out if I wore any. The few times I have worn it for staff pictures or certain meetings it makes me feel like I'm on a job interivew.

    As far as that statistic about what men like does anyone pay attention? I'm sure James would like me to wear certain things and I want him to walk around in a gladiator outfit but it's not going to happen. Plus that statistic assumes all men are straight!

    I do love your rants x

  11. AMEN! Totally agree with everything you said.

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