The Runway Nail Art Edit - Burberry SS11

Today I have the 3rd nail tutorial in the S/S 11 Series and it has to be the easier one yet. 
It's really something that is impossible to mess up. 

Firstly the Burberry show was quite grunge but still glossy and perfect. So that's how you need to pick your nail polishes - well at least with a really nice high gloss black nail polish. 

What you will need... 

Black Nail Polish - I used Ciate Ghetto Fabulous
Silver nail polish - Used Stargazer Chrome
You will also need a small piece of sponge. I find cutting up an old makeup sponge works perfectly... but even a normal household sponge will do the job. 

1. First I'd suggest applying a clear base coat as black polish does stain the nails, plus it will make the application of the black polish alot nicer and easier to apply. Of course if you don't own a base coat then it's not a big deal! 

2. Next you want to apply the black nail polish really neatly. As black nail polish is harder to apply than other shades you want to take extra care over not getting the polish onto the cuticles. If you want more tips of how to get a perfect finish you can read my post on How to perfectly apply nail polish.

3. Now you need to really make sure it's full dry before carrying on or else the sponge will literally create holes in the black nail polish - definitely not what you want as you will have to literally start all over again! 

4. You then want to apply a small amount of the silver polish onto the sponge (the sponge should roughly be the size of your small finger nail) just one side of it, so that you can pick it up without getting they nail polish onto your fingers. 

5. Next it's just a matter of stippling the nails so that they all look quite even, if the stippled effect starts to look faint on the nails apply some more nail polish to the sponge.

6. By the time you have quickly done all the nails on one hand you will then need to go back over them to remove some of the silver polish to give a more un-even look. So you don't need anything on the sponge for this. 

If you want the nails to look a little more grungy you can actually use the side of a piece of paper to almost cut up the foam effect on the nail almost like the trench coat does in the first image. 

I hope you're all enjoying the nail tutorial series! 

Make sure to look out for the rather unique Prada Banana print next week and of course the little giveaway. 



  1. This is great, space nails are similar in technique I've been wanting to try them out for ages!!

  2. such a cool idea :) thanks for sharing xo

  3. That looks really striking Fee. I had a try at water marbling last night - epic fail! LOL Maybe I'll have better success with this design. x

  4. you've got that spot on xxx

  5. Another great tut. I am waiting in awe of the banana one. Please can we have it.... soon... xxx

  6. SO cool! I work for Burberry so I'm always happy to see other people's interpretations of the collection! Fabulous!

  7. Great look! Love these fashion inspired nail posts! x

  8. Great look huny! I looove the look of the stargazer polishes :) deffo need me some of those!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  9. Thats really cute, Ill have to try it at some point. Once these evil nails of mine grow a bit

  10. This looks amazing - great tutorial (as is the inspiration behind it)!!!

  11. نمای کامپوزيت و ترموود از جمله روش های اجرای نمای ساختمان هستند که به شکلی زیبا بر روی ساختمان اجرا می شوند .

  12. در حال ساخت یک وب بهطراحی سایت
    و توسعه وب نیاز دارید.


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