Optrex Eye Dew Sparkling Eye Drops - Bloodshot Eyes Cured!

Now I've never been a fan of eye drops mainly because I've never use them and if my eyes do get dry in summer I use Saline Solution. 
However I've never thought of using them for more cosmetic reasons, like making my eyes more sparkly or brighter. Which in hay fever season would be a blessing in disguise! 

Now it's kind of a catch 22 situation for me personally as I do wear contacts and most brightening eye drops can't be used with lenses however I don't wear them all the time especially when I have hay fever or I'm hungover - both situations make me have horrible bloodshot eyes. Obviously if you are lucky enough be able to see properly (unlike me) then these can be used when ever - early mornings, hungover red eyes, hay fever, allergies, being in dry air conditioning or just if you suffer from red or blood shot eyes in general.

So I've been using the Optrex Eye Dew Sparkling Eye Drops £4.48 - you can buy them anywhere really but they are on offer at the moment in  Superdrug at £3.07.
 To tell you the truth as I haven't ever used eye drops before I really didn't think they would do anything... and as they say 'Sparkling'on the front I didn't have much hope on them curing my red eye. So instead of telling you how amazing they are..and how you need them in your life and all that blah blah. 

I thought I'd do a little experiment! 

Yesterday I wore my contact lenses for 14 hours straight (yes, I did take the photos below at 11 at night!) and as usual both eyes became instantly blood shot when taking my lenses out. So I decided to only use 2 drops of the eyedrops on my right eye, wait 2 minutes then take pictures of both eyes to compare.

Be warned the first image isn't all that pretty!

Left Eye without Eye drops

Right Eye with Eye drops

Firstly let me just say... I'm quite impressed with how long my eye makeup actually lasted (the eyeliner is the new gel one from Maybelline that I keep on raving about if you are wondering!)

As you can see the eye without the eye drops is pretty disgusting! I'm sorry that I even had to show you. I actually felt a bit sick when I noticed how dry my eyeball looked in the first picture, I mean eyeballs should never be that dry! I'm not even going to start on them nasty blood vessels...

The other eye however definitely looks more hydrated and shiny, even my tear ducted looks quite happy and there are only faint blood vessels. Really a huge improvement! 

10 minutes later - right eye with eye drops, left without (excuse the eyebrows).

As you can see not only is my right eye not blood shot but it's quite white, especially with my eyes being really tired due to it being 11pm.

Overall using the Sparkling Eye drops has really made a difference cosmetically... I mean what is the point in spending the time applying makeup that looks all nice if you have nasty sore looking eyes. Plus they do work like normal eye drops and lubricate the eye making it feel alot more comfortable. 

These will definitely be in my handbag come the nasty Hay fever season and for late nights! 



  1. How does it do such a great job? Cooling effects? My eyes almost perpetually look like your bloodshot ones, even if I quit wearing contacts for a week...

  2. @Mariko - I really haven't a clue! They seem to work almost instantly within 30 seconds to a minute I'd say.
    Shall have to read the back of the box/ try and find out!
    Would be interesting to know how it removes them so well and quickly.

    Fee x

  3. I have an eye drops brand that isn't Optrex and it doesn't work so well. Been meaning to try Optrex but they're quite expensive :(


  4. Wow! That is awesome! I'm totally going to check that out, my eyes get really red too :(

  5. I swear by eye drops as I get bloodshot eyes a lot. I did a post a couple of weeks ago about my favourite drops, I use Murine liquid gel as normal drops tend to run right out of my eyes.

  6. Wow thats impressive. As the queen of the dry eyeball - my cornea sticks to my eye lid which results in bits of cornea being ripped off exposing the nerves in my eye on a regular basis, oh yea the only thing I ever had that sounds as hurl worthy as it feels!, this could be an absolute blessing to deal with the resulting red eye!

  7. wow that's amazing- thanks for sharing- will check it out! :)

  8. i love the effect!
    I always have red eyes!
    I'm putting it in my when-I-go-to-London-wishlist!! =) ( i live in italy, btw)

  9. I'm pretty sure you can actually use Sparkling Eyes drops when wearing lenses, just not in the last 30 minutes before putting your contacts in. Have a google around, you might not have to wait till hay fever season :) They are a godsend for me - I'm allergic to so many things!

  10. Wow, I can't believe the difference! I always have bloodshot eyes so this sounds great to me! Now I just need to learn to put the drops in without flinching! :) x

  11. I swear by these! I have bloodshot eyes and I've noticed difference when I don't use them and I think they add to eye make up! I can't live without them! x

  12. thanks for the review! I has bloodshot eyes too! This would definitely help ^^

  13. lol..excuse the grammar..brain-fart moment..=P

  14. I used to use these when I was younger. My mam bought them and we used them every single day. Come to think of it now, it was a bit weird letting like an 11 year old use them but whatever.


  15. Wow! That's such a big difference.. I was only looking at some 89p brightening ones (my beloved Home Bargains!) yesterday and wondering how on earth they could make such a difference, but will definitely be giving them a try now! x

  16. Optrex Sparkling eye drops can be used to provide relief from irritated, bloodshot eyes caused by dusty or smoky atmospheres, eye strain or chlorine in swimming pools. These eye drops are the best ways to get rid of bloodshot eyes.

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  19. They appear to have stopped making this version of their drops. The dazzling version does not work for me. Any recommendations on alternatives?

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