Who Bees The Fairest Of Them All

Afew months ago I remember receiving an e-mail about the upcoming Burt's Bees Mirror Diaries and to be honest I discarded it, as it frankly all sounded a bit on the odd side.

However yesterday I was reminded of it again when I read a blog post by the beautiful Alice stating that she was the first Mirror Diary girl! Very fab indeed.
So basically she will be filming daily video diaries of her experience with the Burt's Bees Anti Blemish range on that wonderful contraption you see above... amazing hey! 

I'm sure Alice won't mind me saying but she does suffer with her skin and at 27 she still is finding spots a problem (much like millions of other women around the world). Which makes her an ideal candidate to test out the anti-blemish range.

Alice is already on Day 5 of her series - but you can catch up on everything at the Mirror Diaries website.

I have already watched all of the videos and have to say she really is a natural behind the camera (or should I say behind the Bee's Mirror) and is giving such a good insight into all the different products she has been using. It does really help if you watch in HD though...so you can will be able to see if the products are working or not! 

There will be other series after the Anti Blemish range that Alice is reviewing, so far they have mentioned a 24hr Body Lotion and a Radiance series and they are still looking for the reviewer...so if you think you could sit in front of the quirky Burt's Bees mirror every single day (in your own home of course) then you can apply here.

To be honest I really don't think I could...I would end up rambling on about something totally unrelated or mentioning another brand I liked!

From thinking the Mirror Diaries was a slightly stupid idea at first I am really enjoying watching and getting a proper idea of each product... more so than an individual review! 

Make sure to check out Alice doin' her thang and even drop her a question or two.  



  1. Ooo! It looks interesting, although I don't think that I would be able to film myself and my skin.

  2. Ooh, that sounds good :)
    Might have to check that out, but I would be too nervous to film myself with no makeup on and just focusing on my skin :)
    Izzy xx

  3. Loving the new header Fee ! I loves it. This actual sounds really cool, I felt the same when I heard I was like what ever. I love this concept and I have such bad skin, so will be watching I have to say that girls skin looks amazing ! So well be defo checking it out xxx

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