Biotherm Skincare Kit from Beauty Expert

To be honest I rarely purchase anything like this as I do genuinely like my high street skincare and have always been happy with lower-end products.

Though I am always tempted by two things - samples sizes and a bargain! Which is what the Biotherm Biopur Aquatrio Kit for Oily skin is. This little kit (with a choice of 3 kits for  different skin types) comes with three different products totalling 80ml and a £5 off voucher for £9.50 inc free delivery. 
I'll put the link to all three kits at the bottom of the post.

The Biopur Aquatrio Kit for Oily Skin set includes - 

Biopur Pore Reducing Moisturiser 20ml
A purifying lightweight cream to reduce the appearance of visible pores while refining & balancing oily & shiny skin.

Biopur Pore Reducing Cleansing Gel 20ml
A deeply cleansing gel to unblock pores, remove impurities while reducing the appearance of enlarged pores & balancing excessively oily, shiny skin.

Biopur Pore Reducing Toner 30ml
A mildly exfoliating & purifying toner to remove impurities, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores & traces of make-up.

Plus £5 off your next Biotherm order. 
How I've found the kit so far - I can't give much feedback yet as I only started using the products about 3 days ago but I am already on the fence about the kit - but the thing is I quite like the products but the kit seems to have just been thrown together. 

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Let me explain - Firstly the picture on the front threw me as you don't get the products shown...well you do, but they don't look like that as they are the full sized products - so the moisturizer in the kit is just a tube with no pump. 

The 2nd thing that threw me was the product names, they just don't match what is wrote on the Beauty Expert website. For example according to the BE site I should have a Pore Reducing Cleansing Gel but what I have is 'Pore Reducer Gentle Purify Gel'. So thinking it was just a gel that rubbed in and not a cleanser...I read the back which said to apply morning and night to wet skin, which I did and it foamed up!
So I had to actually go on the website to find the full sized product of it (which again was called something slightly different) and read the directions for use. Which explained to work a small amount into damp skin and rinse well...surely that should of been on the product or packaging somewhere.

Every one of the products is the same - no real directions on how to use them so you have to try and match the product online and read it there. 

So once I had all that sorted I could actually start using the products and surprisingly for a girl that doesn't like or use moisturizer it's so far my favourite product out of the three. Really a light milk like cream that instantly sinks into the skin.

But the one thing I really wasn't impressed with was the pouch/bag thing the mini products came in.
I mean really... just look at it! 

I actually cringed when I first saw the bag as I opened my order. Like I tweeted,  it really makes me think of something a woman would take to spinning class to keep her 'essentials' in, in the 80's!  
It's just soft, squidgy and shiny...and just not good. 

Biotherm you really need to change this....right now!

Here are the kits that are available all for £9.50 from Beauty Expert -

So I really do have mixed feelings about it as the products are so confusing which is something you don't expect for a starter kit at all. But aside from this the products are quite nice...though I think I will be using the £5 voucher (can be used on and offline) on something else from Biotherm like the Pore Reducing Serum (£20).

 Next little affordable kit I think that needs reviewing is the Neom Complete Bliss: Handbag Essentials set, again under £15 but looks and feels totally luxe.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!



  1. Aw that poor lil purple bag, I think you are being too mean. Nope on 2nd thoughts your not - for some weird reason it makes me thing of 80's bridesmaid dresses, am almost certain pronuptia had a lovely lavender sateeen frock that would have matched perfectly, with puff ball sleeps and a freaking huge bow on the back! Weird that the product labelling is all to skite too!

  2. I love reading your reviews, you are so honest about your experiences with products!


  3. The little bag made me giggle, to be honest if Im buying sampler sets half the choice is made by how cute the bag is.... that would Not make me buy it at all.

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