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After slightly messing up my blog layout yesterday and wasting hours pretending I had a clue about HTML, I forgot about Face Mask Friday!

So I thought I'd ramble instead and show you all a few new things I've purchased in the last week or so, as I've been quite pleased with what I've been spending my pennies on.

Myface Mymix 'Glamorous' Fair Lip Gloss - £7.99
Now being a bit of a cheapskate (yes I admit it!) I don't normally spend £8 on a lipgloss that I'm not to sure of, however I was tempted with the Myface 'light, medium and dark' range and really did wonder if the 'light' shade would suit me more than any other lipgloss as I am quite pale. 
I've worn it a few times and it's very blah when worn of it own, the typically 'people with pale skin don't tend to wear bold makeup' just very ordinary
However over lipstick it works some how just really suits my complexion worn this way. I'm not to sure how though! 
Revlon Superlustrous 'Fire & Ice' Lipstick - £7.49
 I did really want 'Cherries in the Snow' but it was out of stock, so I went for this instead... and I'm not to sure why! I only wear red lipstick at night when going out.
It really is a lovely lipstick but I have a feeling I won't be using it that often and more looking at it thinking how beautiful it is. 

Oh, but I do quite like the clear plastic on the top of the cap, really handy for seeing all the Revlon shades I have...even if I only own 4 of them!

Revlon Scented Nail Polish 'Cotton Candy' and 'Peach Smoothie' - Out in March
Now I don't like showing PR samples before they have even been released (as I don't think it's far) however I actually found these on eBay being sold by a UK seller (that have sadly sold out of the now). So I thought it was worth trying them and saving some money as both only cost me around £6! 
At first I loved that my nails were scented and was sniffing them like a weirdo....but the novelty soon wore off, and by soon I mean within 2 hours of painting my nails. 

The scent does last on the nails...however you do have to have an up close sniff to actually smell the scent. I'm just glad I like both shades - nice nudes for spring!  
Models Own Wah Nail Art Pen
'Black' - £6.00 
The first one I bought was fault and made a right big mess, but I was soon sent another and all was good. Well my carpet wasn't... but that really is another story!
I have only used it a few times and quite like it so far, it can be a bit faffy though and I really don't think the brush is upto standard. 
But I'm going to keep on using it, especially for polka dots and mini hearts and then write a review I think. 

Max Factor Xperience Foundation '40 Light Ivory' - £9.99
Unlike most Beauty Bloggers I only try/buy a new foundation when the one I'm using runs out. So once my Max Factor Second Skin in Creamy Ivory was looking a bit on the low side I started swatching...trying to find a new foundation that would suit my quite pale skin. 
I really didn't want to buy Second skin again (even though I love it) or even anything by Max Factor. However this shade was the lightest I could find in Boots and I must of swatched about 15 different foundations on the back of my hand - all claiming to be Ivory. 

The best match I'm going to get I think and so weightless feeling, though I have only been using it for 2 days. So will have to write a review of it with photos of my what it looks like on the face at a later date.

...and a lovely early Valentines Day present! 
I also got a lovely surprise from my boyfriend this week, with a beautiful new laptop bag. It is just so chic unlike most but so well padded. It can either be carried or used with a long detachable strap. I feel all business like when using it! 
 I'm definitely a lucky girl...

Ok, it wasn't much of a ramble, more an organized haul! If you would like any reviews please just ask.



  1. That Revlon lipstick is an absolutely gorgeous shade of red! I've been looking for one like it that isn't too cool-toned or warm-toned, and this looks like a perfect balance of the two. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Love the red lipstick, such a gorgeous shade. I was checking out the Xperience foundation there other day but decided not to purchase because I'm trying to use up my 5 other bottles of random foundations I have laying around! Either way, looking forward to your review of it for when I eventually finish my existing foundations.

  3. I love the lipstick, totally reminds me of Mac's Lady Danger! A great cheaper alternative.

  4. Laptop bag is fab! I really like the max factor foundation, but bought bb as I wanted a change this time but anytime my budget is tight or I want to splurge on something else I'd happily go back to this.x

  5. Gorgeous laptop bag very swish!! x

  6. The bag looks lovely! Not allowed to be on the floor I guess?
    I was intrigued by that foundation but I need to use up all the ones I have first. X

  7. Revlon have some gorgeous reds, I have 'Love That Red'. It's so vibrant! Also, really loving the 'Peach Smoothie' nail polish. However, is it really sheer to apply? I only have 1 Revlon nail polish, a light pink one and it takes about 4/5 coats to get a good opaque colour. Your laptop bag is so chic! Where's it from?

  8. love the laptop bag. it looks so stylish and chic. i want one like that^^ xx

  9. That red lipstick is stunning, love the colour!

    I almost bought the Max Factor Xperience Foundation, but decided not to at the last minute.
    I'll look forward to your review on it!


  10. I have a gloss in a similar colour which does the exact same thing. Looks 'meh' on its own but awesome over lipstick...maybe it's something to do with the tone of it - who knows!

    You already know I love that laptop bag, it's just beautiful!

  11. Lovely haul, I am that guilty person of trying and trying new foundation/tm shades - I really do feel like Indiana Jones in my quest which seems never ending and tortuous at times. Would love to see you in the Revlon - I want Cherries in the Snow too! Jan x

  12. LOVE that laptop bag! mine is falling apart so i'm in need of one but none of the ones i'm seeing look chic enough :p. too business-y for me. haha!

    also, the nail polishes are gorgeous and fire and ice is fierce!

  13. So excited about the scented revlon polishes!! :) xx

  14. those revlon scented nail polishes looks great! i already own, and love, the rimmel ones, don't know if you've tried them? but i would recommend themxxx


  15. That laptop bag is Gorgeous! I was just going to ask a stupid question like your the boots helpline!! I stopped myself and used google ;-D xoxox

  16. Really nice 'haul' post!
    And that laptop bag is super elegant!!! :)


  17. Aww how sweet of your bloke, that is a very chic laptop case :) I love it. OWW I really want to get the Wah nails pen everyone has raved about it so adding it to my list haha. Have a wicked weekend xxx

  18. That laptop bag is gorgeous, doesn't really look like a laptop bag ;)

  19. @Meowcake -

    They are actually opaque! The first coat goes on abit streaky then the second makes it totally opaque and smooth. Really impressed with them.
    As for the laptop bag...I really don't know as it was a gift! Sorryy..but it's from a brand called Abbi if that helps.

    @Hannah - Haven't tried the Rimmel scented ones...don't know how/why I missed it!
    I shall have to get some for on my toes in Summer.

    Thanks for al the nice comments,

    Fee x


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