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I thought it would be handy to review afew of the products that you can only buy from and not in Boots or Sainsburys (Naked's only offline stockists at present).

Out of Naked's 51 products, 11 of these are exclusive to the naked website... these are - White Ginger Body Wash (reviewed), Rice Shower Scrub, Cocoa Butter Body Cream, Sea Minerals Salt Scrub, Honey & Orange Hand Wash, Honey & Orange Hand & Body Lotion, Shine Glossing Hair Treatment Sachet, Firm Hold Styling Gel, Sculpting Hair Putty, Jojoba Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash (reviewed) and Rose Softening Face Wash.

Here are the online exclusive products I use...

Buff Up Naked - Rice Shower Scrub
This is a really different product from anything I've tried in the shower before. The fine rice bran is held in a rice bran oil that applies quite creamy with a slight oil feel to it. The scrub doesn't foam up and just sits on the skin nicely as you massage it on the arms and legs. As the rice is so fine and quite smooth is gives quite a gentle exfoliate that is just right for the skin, enough to leave the skin soft but not red & blotchy which is something a lot of shower scrubs can do.

As for the scent, again I've smelt nothing similar before. It's not overly strong, smelling almost medicated in a way and slightly spiced with a hint of lemon. I realize that sounds totally stupid but it is quite a unique smell...but an enjoyable one.
Once washed off the scent lingers but in a calming way with a subtle scent of spiced citrus (ok I think I may stop now). It's basically a unique yet soft fragrance.

As for results, it does what it says, leaving the skin glowing and soft. A really nice calming exfoliator that keeps the skin moisturized and soft.

The Buff Up Naked - Glowing Skin Rice Shower Scrub is 97% natural, vegan friendly, free from sulphates and parabens and doesn't believe in testing it's ingredients on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy!

Jojoba Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash
I feel like I have been using this forever and a day and I'm only half way though it! This is such a stand out product for me for not containing any sulphates (which makes a product foam) but still foams so well that you only need the smallest of amounts.

Now I haven't got a clue what Jojoba is or what it even does...but I know that it smells amazingly of cookie dough! Ok, I lie...I know what Jojoba is, Jojoba is umm Jojoba and 'they' press is into tiny little micro beads to give a gentle exfoliant to face products.
Amazing hey?!

So basically the face wash contains these tiny beads that lightly exfoliate the skin, meaning this is perfect for sensitive skin that needs exfoliating to keep the skin more clear and not clogged up.
This really is my every day morning face wash (as it doesn't make my skin red just before I apply makeup) and really does just keep on top of the texture of my skin.

Be Smooth Naked - Cocoa Butter Body Cream
This has to be the lighter and more yummy version of the famous Palmer Cocoa Butter. The second ingredient in this after Aqua is Theobroma cacao or Cocoa, which just makes the body cream smell amazing - such an addictive scent! I will keep on repurchasing this for the scent alone.
Aside from the smell of cocoa this is a light, easy absorbed, cooling moisturiser.
I find it soaks in best after a shower or bath and really doesn't need much rubbing in before being totally absorbed into the skin.
I'd say the more you use this the more you notice the softening of your skin. I definitely noticed a difference on the underside of my arms ( wings!) and strangely on my chest...which I didn't think was quite soft, but obviously not!
All in all a really yummy, easy to apply, softening body cream.

Feel free to ask any questions about any of the Naked products as I have tried a lot of products from the range!



  1. I need that body cream, yummy! x

  2. I don't know if you ever come to Manchester for your shopping, but there is a new shop in the Arndale that sells these products + the hand cream all for a 1 pound.
    Also I've been meaning to ask you, what would you say is the best line of Naked shampoo and conditioner? SO far I've only tried the one for fine limp hair but was wondering if another one was better.
    Thanks, I love your blog xxx

  3. @Dirigible -

    Thanks for the tip, always nice to stock up! Actually going to Manchester next week (live just outside of it) so will have to go to the Arndale to have abit of a shop and to hunt down the product :).

    As for best Naked shampoo and conditioner...I always mix and match so the shampoo is always a different line from the conditioner.
    Favourite shampoo has to be the Marshmallow & Aloe Silky Shampoo - lather up the best so great for long hair. Though it does tangle the hair up so a conditioner is 100% needed, but after that...really nice smooth hair.

    As for conditioner I use the Buttermilk & Green Tea one for dry hair, my hair isn't dry but I find it hydrates it really well. Also smells quite nice too.

    Hope this helps!

    Fee x

  4. wow! i live near manchester too. if you do hunt down the shop that sells these products for a pound then be sure to let me know please fee!xxx


  5. I brought the online exclusive too when there was buy one get one free. Fee you must try the sea salt scrub far much better then the rice scrub. I love the coco butter body lotion more then the body butter.

  6. Ooh thanks for these reviews, I'm never sure about ordering the online exclusive products, but now I really want to try the face wash as it sounds delicious! x

  7. I love a good skin scrub and I like the sound of a rice skin scrub :) they are well priced too.


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